Motorcycle Insurance in Calgary, Alberta

Whether your motorcycle is your primary mode of transportation, or you just go for leisurely rides on the weekend, motorcycle insurance protects you and your bike from the most common risks on the road.

Did you know that if you insure your motorcycle with BrokerLink you may qualify for a discount on your home and auto policies? So, what are you waiting for?

All About Motorcycle Insurance

The standard policies and with additional endorsements you can have custom tailored coverage that fits your needs. Following are some of the coverages available and our trusted advisors can explain to you in detail each of the coverages.

  • Third-party liability: This coverage is compulsory to put your bike on the road. Third party liability coverage pays as the name states to “third parties” for damages caused to their property or bodily injury all caused due to your negligence. With this coverage the insurance company deals with all claims filed against you by third parties. and eliminates the burden of shouldering the cost of paying for damages caused to third party’s property or injuries.
  • Accident benefits: provides you with additional financial resources for medical or rehabilitative treatments not covered by the provincial health plan, as well as replacing a portion of lost income.
  • Uninsured automobile coverage: guarantees financial coverage for rehabilitative treatment, or loss of life, due to accidents involving uninsured or underinsured motorists.

Some of the optional coverages available.

  • Comprehensive coverage: in addition to the third party liability coverage, this coverage pays for damage caused to the bike due perils like fire, hail, theft, vandalism etc.
  • Collision coverage: pays for the cost of repairs to a bike as a result of a collision or a hit and run accident.
  • Accessories and upgrades: get additional coverage for parts and accessories that need to be replaced or upgraded due to a claim.
  • Roadside assistance: navigate emergencies with ease knowing that help is on its way so that you won’t get stranded on the side of the road.
  • Motorcycle replacement: in case of severe, irreparable damage, motorcycle insurance may also provide you with resources to replace your motorcycle and get back on the road.
  • Loss of Use: pays for rental of a bike while the bike is in the repair shop due to an injury.
  • Accident Rating Waiver: this coverage protects you from the premiums going up after an at fault accident.

Our Brokers Can Help You

We’re all aware of the risks of riding a motorcycle; the pure thrill and compact convenience are unparalleled for many. You need to ensure that you’re protected in case an accident no matter who is at fault

  1. Tell us about your motorcycle: whether it’s a moped or cruiser, a Yamaha or a classic Harley Davidson, our insurance brokers can find the best coverage options from leading providers. Simply tell us how often you ride your bike, its make, model, age, etc., and we’ll present various policy options that match your needs
  2. Compare quotes: discover your options at the most competitive rates from leading motorcycle insurance providers, and unlock discounts through safety courses, driving history, and other opportunities for getting even lower, more competitive rates.
  3. Ride your bike: rev up and ride off knowing that your bike is protected, and as a rider you are also shielded from the financial impact of liability claims or property damage caused due to an accident.

How much will my motorcycle insurance cost?

Our insurance brokers at BrokerLink are committed to sourcing the best policies for your lifestyle and budget while providing coverage from leading providers in Canada.

About you:

  • Driving record: good drivers with no incidents on the road are often rewarded with lower insurance rates in the market, as this indicates low risk and responsibility. While previous accidents and traffic violations may result in higher rates, our insurance brokers will work to find the best possible rates for your situation to ensure affordable, comprehensive protection.
  • Age: age is one of the rating factors.. Our insurance brokers work with drivers of all ages, so take some time to learn about the impact of age on insurance rates, and see how you can improve your experience and safety on a motorcycle.
  • Location: where you live and park your motorcycle, is one of the rating factors

About your motorcycle:

  • Safety learning: whether it’s security upgrades for theft or vandalism prevention, or taking a motorcycle safety course, taking steps towards ensuring your safety on and off the road has a positive impact on your insurance rate. Talk to our broker about safety steps for motorcycles and better insurance rates.

Discounts available through BrokerLink include a multi-vehicle discount for automobile insurance combined with your bike or home, condo or tenants policy.

Contact BrokerLink Today & Get a Motorcycle Insurance Quote

Talk to our insurance brokers to discover the leading benefits of motorcycle insurance, and find the best policy from a trusted Canadian provider. Ask us about the most competitive rates for motorcycle insurance today.


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