Motorcycle Insurance in Huntsville

A key consideration before buying a motorcycle is what type of insurance coverage you will buy to go along with it. While some types of motorcycle insurance are mandatory, others are optional, so it will be up to you to decide what coverages to include in your policy. Find out more about Huntsville motorcycle insurance below.

What types of Huntsville motorcycle insurance are mandatory?

There are four types of motorcycle insurance coverage that are mandatory in Huntsville and they are outlined below. If you’ve ever purchased car insurance in Huntsville, then you’re probably familiar with these coverages as they are the same. However, if after reading the descriptions below, you are confused as to what types of motorcycle insurance are mandatory in Huntsville, Ontario, call an insurance broker in Huntsville today. BrokerLink has an entire team of licensed brokers who will ensure you buy a policy that includes all mandatory coverage and complies with local laws:

Third party liability coverage

Liability insurance is the first type of coverage that is mandatory for all Huntsville motorcycle riders. This coverage can be claimed if you get into an accident that you are found liable for. Since the at-fault party is responsible for paying the accident costs in Ontario, having liability coverage will help since it can compensate policyholders for medical expenses, legal fees, vehicle repairs, and other costs associated with a collision. Please note that motorcycle riders in Huntsville must have at least $200,000 worth of liability coverage as part of their policies.

Accident benefits coverage

Accident benefits coverage will pay for you or another person involved in a car accident to seek medical treatment if you are injured in a collision. Both rehabilitative and medical care may be covered by accident benefits, along with funeral fees and even lost income.

Direct compensation - property damage coverage

Direct compensation—property damage coverage can pay to have your motorcycle repaired if it is damaged in an accident. You just have to make sure that the accident was not your fault. If you are found liable, then you won’t be able to file a direct compensation claim.

Uninsured automobile coverage

Uninsured automobile coverage will compensate policyholders for the cost of an accident that occurs with a driver who does not have car insurance or who does not have a coverage limit that is high enough to pay for the necessary repairs. It can also cover riders who get into hit-and-runs.

What is optional motorcycle insurance coverage in Huntsville, Ontario?

Optional motorcycle insurance coverage, as the name suggests, is coverage that is not government-mandated. This means that you are not legally obligated to purchase it. That said, optional coverage still has many benefits and can protect you against a broader range of risks than mandatory or basic coverage. It is also worth noting that while most forms of optional coverage are indeed optional for motorcycle riders in Huntsville, some may be required if you lease or finance your motorbike. For a breakdown of some of the most common types of optional coverage in Huntsville, keep reading:

Collision coverage

If your motorbike is seriously damaged after an accident, you can file a collision coverage claim with your provider. Collision coverage is a form of property damage coverage that can help pay to repair your motorcycle or help you buy a new one if necessary. Collision coverage can be claimed no matter which driver is found to be at fault for the accident and no matter if you collided with another motor vehicle or even an animal or grounded object on the road.

Comprehensive coverage

Comprehensive coverage is a type of optional coverage designed to safeguard motorbikes against physical damage while parked. Comprehensive insurance will only cover your motorbike against certain risks, all of which will be clearly stated in the terms and conditions of your policy. Typically, comprehensive insurance for motorcycles covers theft, vandalism, explosions and riots, falling and flying objects, fire, and weather-related events.

Accident forgiveness coverage

Accident forgiveness coverage is another type of motorcycle insurance that many riders choose to include in their policies. Accident forgiveness is additional coverage that can be added to your motorcycle insurance policy as an endorsement to protect your driving record and to help prevent your insurance premium from increasing if you have an at-fault accident claim. While your policy premiums may not increase due to the accident, it does not mean that they will not increase due to other factors, such as rate changes in your area. Note: coverage and eligibility vary by province.

Loss of use coverage

Loss of use coverage can pay for you to rent another vehicle or take other modes of transit if your motorcycle is temporarily unusable. For instance, if your motorcycle was damaged in an accident and couldn’t be driven until it was repaired, loss of use coverage could pay for you to rent a different vehicle, take public transit, or hire taxis during this period. Just remember that loss of use coverage always has a limit, so it won’t allow you to take alternate transit modes indefinitely.

What factors influence motorcycle insurance rates in Huntsville?

Many riders are curious to know how much motorcycle insurance costs in Huntsville. The answer is complex, as rates can vary significantly from rider to rider. Insurance companies use complicated algorithms to assess risk and assign premiums. For this reason, the best way to determine how much motorcycle coverage will cost you is to contact a broker. An insurance broker at BrokerLink can provide you with a free insurance quote and give some insight into what types of factors are considered when an insurer calculates your premium. For a brief overview of what factors an insurance agent will evaluate when determining your motorcycle insurance rates, continue reading:

Driving record

An insurance agent at any insurance company will look at your driving record first. They will want to see how many infractions you have, if any. Based on that, they will assess your risk level. The more infractions you have on your record, the riskier they will deem you as a policyholder. In turn, if you are considered high-risk, then your premium is likely to be higher. That is why it’s so important to keep your record clean by driving safely and following all traffic laws in Huntsville.

Years of experience driving

How much experience you have driving a motorcycle will also come into play. If you’ve only had your licence for a year or two, you will likely pay more for insurance than someone who has had their licence for 10 or 20 years. This is because insurance companies believe that there is a link between experience and risk level. The more experienced you are, the less likely you are to get into an accident, and thus, your rates will be lower.

The make and model of the motorcycle you ride

The type of motorcycle you own will also influence how much you pay for Huntsville motorcycle insurance. Since there are so many unique types of motorcycles on the market, each with its own speed capabilities, safety features, and more, an insurance agent will surely ask about the make and model of your motorbike. Remember that more expensive motorbikes tend to come with more expensive premiums. That said, if your motorbike has many safety features or an anti-theft device, you will qualify for cheaper rates. Further, motorbike models that are stolen at higher rates and those with higher speed capabilities may also result in higher rates.

Whether or not you completed a motorcycle safety course in Ontario

Completing a motorcycle safety course can make a huge difference in your Huntsville motorcycle insurance rates. If you can prove that you enrolled in and graduated from a recognized driver’s education course in your province, you could qualify for a lower premium.

Where you drive and park your motorbike

Lastly, where you live and, therefore, park and most frequently drive your motorcycle also has the ability to affect your insurance rates. Some parts of Huntsville are deemed safer than others, whether due to crime rates, traffic flow, or natural disasters. Meanwhile, the place where policyholders plan to park their motorcycles also matters. Parking your motorbike in a secure, private garage overnight is seen as less risky than parking it on the street, which could impact your premium.

Tips to reduce your Huntsville motorcycle insurance premium

You can save money on your Huntsville motorcycle insurance premium with ease, thanks to BrokerLink. A BrokerLink insurance advisor can give you all sorts of advice that will help you reduce your premium, starting with the tips below:

Enrol in a motorcycle safety course in Huntsville

Despite the many benefits of motorcycle riding, it still remains more dangerous than driving a car. Thus, if you can take steps to mitigate your risk, such as by enrolling in a motorcycle safety course, then an insurance company may reward you. Specifically, they may give you a discount for completing a driver’s education course because they believe that you will be a safer driver who is less likely to get into an accident after that.

Spend less time driving your motorcycle

To reduce your motorcycle insurance rates, consider minimizing your time behind the wheel. Occasional drivers often pay far less for motorcycle insurance than other drivers. So, if you plan to only drive your motorcycle for part of the year or a couple of times per week, it may be worth asking your BrokerLink insurance advisor about occasional driver discounts. Even if you don’t qualify for such a discount, spending a below-average amount of time on the road could still lead to cheaper rates.

Bundle motorcycle and home insurance policies in Huntsville

Bundling insurance policies is another effective way of saving money on Huntsville motorcycle insurance. Bundling is when you buy more than one policy from the same provider. So, if you buy two auto insurance plans—one motorcycle insurance plan and one car insurance plan—you could save money on both. The same goes for home insurance and motorcycle insurance. To find out more about what insurance products qualify and which insurance providers offer bundles, reach out to BrokerLink.

Ride your motorcycle responsibly

Riding a motorcycle safely should be your number one priority at all times. Why? This is because riding responsibly will not only keep you safe and reduce your odds of getting injured but also result in a cheaper motorcycle insurance rate. If you drive safely and follow the rules of the road, you will be far less likely to get into a collision or receive a traffic ticket. This translates to a clean record, which, in turn, will result in lower motorcycle insurance rates. You might even be eligible for a discount depending on how many years you can maintain a clean record. Contact BrokerLink for a list of safe driving tips to help you stay safe on the road and keep your insurance costs low.

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FAQs on motorcycle insurance Huntsville

What types of vehicles does Huntsville motorcycle insurance cover?

Motorcycle insurance in Huntsville can cover any vehicle type: cruiser, touring, sports, and restricted-speed motorcycles, including mopeds and motorized scooters. If you have another type of motorbike that you would like to insure, contact an insurance broker or agent for more information.

What caused my motorcycle insurance premium to go up in Huntsville?

If you got into an at-fault accident or recently incurred another type of infraction, such as a traffic ticket, then this could be the reason behind your insurance premium increase. In addition, if you moved and your new neighbourhood has a higher crime rate, more traffic, or is more prone to weather-related events, this could also have led your rates to increase. Changing cars could also lead to increased rates. Speak with an insurance broker or agent for more information on what factors can cause motorcycle insurance rates to go up in Ontario.

What types of motorcycle insurance can a Huntsville insurance broker help me find?

A Huntsville insurance broker can help customers find mandatory motorcycle insurance coverage, including third-party liability coverage, accident benefits coverage, direct compensation coverage, and uninsured motorist coverage. A broker can also help customers find optional coverage like roadside assistance coverage, accident forgiveness coverage, collision coverage, comprehensive coverage, loss of use coverage, and waiver of depreciation coverage, among others.

Where can I get a free motorcycle insurance quote in Huntsville?

Insurance brokers and insurance companies offer Huntsville residents free motorcycle insurance quotes. If you need a quote, be prepared to answer some questions about yourself, your driving habits, the type of motorcycle you drive, and the type of motorcycle insurance coverage you’re looking for. You can obtain a free quote by speaking directly with an insurer or visiting an insurance broker or company’s website.

Do I need a valid driver’s licence to purchase motorcycle insurance in Huntsville, Ontario?

Yes. You cannot buy motorcycle insurance coverage without a valid Ontario driver’s licence. If you do not have a driver’s licence, contact the Ministry of Transportation in Ontario to learn more about how to obtain one.

How do I renew my motorcycle insurance policy in Huntsville?

To renew car insurance or motorcycle insurance in Huntsville, contact your insurance company or broker before your existing policy expires. Providing as much notice as possible is essential. Let them know that you want to renew, modify your coverage as you see fit, confirm your new premium, and make your first payment. After that is complete, your coverage will continue after your existing policy expires. While policy terms vary in length, they are usually one year, which means that when you renew your motorcycle insurance, you will be doing so for a period of one year.

If you have any questions, contact one of our local branches.