Motorcycle Insurance in Milton

If you are interested in buying a motorcycle, there is one thing you should know: motorcycle insurance is mandatory. So before buying a motorcycle, we recommend speaking with registered insurance brokers who can help you pick out the right coverage for your needs. That’s where BrokerLink comes in.

Do I need to buy motocycle insurance Milton?

Yes, and an insurance broker in Milton can help you do so. Just like how car insurance in Milton is required, so too is motorcycle insurance. Basically, if you want to drive any type of motor vehicle in Ontario, you will need to buy coverage. Mandatory coverage in Ontario consists of four coverage types, each of which we describe below:

Third party liability coverage

Liability insurance, also known as third party liability insurance, comes into play if you get into an at-fault accident while riding your motorcycle. If the accident results in property damage or bodily injury, you could be on the hook for all kinds of expenses. Thankfully, liability insurance will pay for a wide range of collision-related expenses, like legal fees should a lawsuit arise, as well as medical fees and repair bills. Motorcycle riders in Milton must have at least $200,000 in third party liability coverage.

Accident benefits coverage

Accident benefits coverage will pay for you to receive medical or rehabilitative care if you get into an accident and are injured while riding your motorcycle. Types of medical costs it can cover include prescription medications and physical therapy. It can also cover related expenses, such as lost income and funeral fees. Further, accident benefits coverage in Ontario can be claimed for the policyholder or on behalf of someone else involved in the accident, such as a passenger or pedestrian.

Direct compensation - property damage coverage

Direct compensation - property damage coverage can pay for any necessary motorcycle repairs if your motorbike is damaged in an accident. The only thing is that you cannot be at fault for the accident if you want to claim direct compensation coverage.

Uninsured automobile coverage

Uninsured automobile coverage, which some people refer to as uninsured motorist coverage, will pay for the costs of an accident if you collide with a driver who is uninsured, underinsured, or unknown (e.g. a hit and run accident).

How else can I protect my motorcycle with auto insurance in Milton?

If you want even more protection than what basic coverage offers, you will need to add other coverages to your policy. An insurance broker in Ontario can give their professional opinion on what optional coverages make the most sense for your needs. That said, the following is a list of the most popular types of additional coverage among motorcycle riders in Milton:

Collision coverage

Collision coverage can pay for your motorbike to be repaired if it suffers damage after colliding with another vehicle, an animal, or an object on the road. If you decide to add collision coverage to your policy, which is a smart choice if you have a new motorbike, just make sure that your limit is equal to the value of your motorcycle.

Comprehensive coverage

Comprehensive coverage, or parked car coverage, will help pay for you to repair or replace your motorcycle if it is damaged while parked. Specifically, comprehensive insurance usually covers the following types of perils: theft, vandalism, explosions and riots, falling and flying objects, fire, and weather-related events. In other words, if your motorbike is stolen or a fire or flood damages it, you can file a comprehensive claim to cover the cost of the damage. Be sure to read through the terms and conditions of your motorcycle insurance policy as each provider may offer coverage against different perils.

Accident forgiveness coverage

Accident forgiveness coverage is another type of motorcycle insurance that many riders choose to include in their policies. Accident forgiveness is additional coverage that can be added to your motorcycle insurance policy as an endorsement to protect your driving record and to help prevent your insurance premium from increasing if you have an at-fault accident claim. While your policy premiums may not increase due to the accident, it does not mean that they will not increase due to other factors, such as rate changes in your area. Note: coverage and eligibility vary by province.

Loss of use coverage

If your motorcycle is your primary mode of transportation and you do not have easy access to another vehicle, then purchasing loss-of-use coverage might be a good idea. With this type of coverage, your insurer will pay for you to rent a car or take alternate modes of transit if your motorcycle is out of commission due to damage. For example, if your motorcycle gets rear-ended and needs to go into the repair shop for a week, your insurance company will reimburse you for any transportation costs incurred during this time, less your deductible and up to the coverage limit.

How do insurance companies calculate motorcycle insurance rates in Milton?

How much does motorcycle insurance cost? This is the question of the hour, and we will help you answer it. The reality is that insurance companies employ complex risk-calculation formulas when calculating rates for any type of insurance. The factors that are included in these formulas vary depending on the type of insurance being purchased. For motorcycle insurance, you can expect the following details to come into play, among others:

Driving record

A policyholder’s driving record will play a significant role in how much they pay for motorcycle insurance in Milton. Insurance companies like to see clean records, as this means that you are less at risk of getting into collisions in the future. As such, customers should do what they can to keep their records clean. A clean driving record is one that features little to no traffic tickets, accidents, and DUIs. If you have a poor record, you can expect to pay more for motorcycle insurance in Milton.

Years of experience driving

An insurance company is likely to consider your experience as a motorcycle rider. The more experience you have, the less of a risk you are deemed to be. In other words, if you have more years of driving experience under your belt, you may pay less for motorcycle insurance in Milton. Just make sure that a clean record accompanies your years of experience.

The make and model of the motorcycle you ride

The type of motorcycle you ride matters. Insurance experts recommend purchasing motorbikes that are safer, as those with high safety ratings might receive preferential rates. Further, how valuable your motorbike is also matters. Luxury motorcycles might cost more to replace or repair, and thus, the insurance costs might be higher than for a budget-friendly motorcycle. Models that are stolen at higher rates might also cost more to insure. Finally, motorbikes have vastly different speed capabilities. The higher the speed capability on a motorcycle, the more likely it is that your premium will be more expensive.

Whether or not you completed a motorcycle safety course in Ontario

Motorcycle safety courses are precious, as they can teach riders about local traffic laws in Ontario and how to drive defensively. For this reason, like insurance companies offer discounts to those who complete driver’s education courses, completing a motorcycle safety course could impact your rates. More specifically, your insurance provider might be more likely to offer you a motorcycle insurance discount if you can prove that you completed this type of course.

Where you drive and park your motorbike

Where you choose to drive and park your motorcycle can also impact how much you pay for Milton motorcycle insurance. This is because some places are safer than others. What makes a place safer? If you live somewhere with a low crime rate and minimal traffic, your motorcycle might be less likely to be stolen, and you might be less at risk of getting into an accident. As such, an insurance company might offer you a cheaper premium. The same goes for if you live in a place that is not prone to weather-related incidents, such as floods or wildfires. Parking your motorbike somewhere covered, like in a private garage, can also lead to cheaper rates than parking your motorcycle in public, such as on the street.

For more information on how insurance companies calculate Milton insurance rates, contact BrokerLink today. We can discuss the factors above in greater detail and provide a list of additional factors that may matter, such as age, gender, credit score, and more. Milton riders should contact BrokerLink right away to receive an accurate motorcycle insurance quote. We offer complimentary insurance quotes over the phone, in person, or online.

Start saving money on Milton motorcycle insurance

Get ready to save big on motorcycle insurance in Milton. BrokerLink’s licensed insurance advisors have all the best tips to ensure that you never overpay for motorcycle insurance in Ontario. Continue reading for a list of expert tips:

Take a motorcycle safety course in Milton

There are countless benefits of motorcycle riding. That said, safety isn’t one of the benefits that comes to mind. Unfortunately, riding a motorcycle tends to be more dangerous than driving a car. For this reason, if you can take steps to mitigate your risk, such as by enrolling in a motorcycle safety course, then an insurance company might be willing to offer you a discount.

Consider driving less

If you are someone who only rides their motorcycle for part of the year, then it may be worth looking into occasional driver discounts. Occasional driver discounts are offered to those who only ride their vehicles up to a certain number of kilometres each year. The exact threshold varies between providers, but if you’re someone who rides their motorbike relatively infrequently, then it could be worth looking into. Even if you don’t qualify as an occasional driver, you still might benefit from a cheaper rate if you spend a below-average amount of time on the road. Be sure to talk to your broker if you don’t think you drive as much as others.

Bundle your home and auto insurance plans in Ontario

Bundling insurance policies is one of the top ways to receive a discount on your motorcycle insurance plan. Many insurance companies offer significant discounts to those who purchase insurance bundles. For those who don’t know, insurance bundles are when a customer buys more than one insurance product from the same provider. Not all types of insurance qualify, but motorcycle, car, recreational, and property insurance usually do. Thus, if you need to buy a standard auto or a homeowner’s insurance plan on top of your motorcycle insurance policy, ask a broker about how much money you might save by buying them all together from the same company.

Keep your Ontario motorcycle record clean

Riding a motorcycle safely is of the utmost importance. It is important because doing so can keep you safe from harm, but also because it can lower your insurance rates. If you want to pay the lowest possible motorcycle insurance premium, you can do so by keeping your record clean. The dedicated team at BrokerLink has many safe driving tips to help you do this, although it generally involves practicing defensive driving at all times. This means obeying the speed limit, leaving space around you, and always using your indicator.

Buy a motorcycle with a high safety rating

The safety rating of your vehicle matters. Whether you drive a car, van, truck, or motorcycle in Milton, this is the case. If you want to lower your rates, prioritize buying a motorcycle with a high safety rating. An insurance company will research your motorbike's safety and reliability; the more reliable it is, the more beneficial your rates will be. We also recommend choosing a motorcycle with a low rate of theft and one with a lower maximum speed capability, as doing so can also help reduce your Milton motorcycle insurance premium.

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Motorcycle insurance Milton FAQs

What types of motorcycles does Milton auto insurance cover?

Motorcycle insurance Milton can cover the following types of motorcycles: cruisers, touring, sports, and restricted-speed motorcycles, including mopeds and motorized scooters.

Why did my Milton motorcycle insurance premium go up?

The reality is that insurance companies constantly underwrite throughout the year, meaning your premium can change without any changes to your policy or lifestyle. That said, there are also a few other causes of a rise in your premium, such as if you get into an accident or receive a traffic ticket. In addition, if you modify your policy in any way, such as by adding custom coverage, lowering your deductible, or raising your coverage limits, your premium may also rise.

Where can I get a free motorcycle insurance quote in Milton?

Obtaining a free auto insurance quote in Milton is hassle-free. You can do so online, over the phone, or at an insurance office near you. Most insurance companies and brokers now offer prospective customers free quotes with no strings attached.

Do I need a valid driver’s licence to purchase motorcycle insurance Milton, Ontario?

Yes. Motorcycle riders in Milton cannot purchase auto insurance coverage unless they can provide proof of a valid Ontario driver’s licence. If you do not yet have a valid licence, you must obtain one before contacting an insurance agent or broker.

How do I renew my motorcycle insurance policy in Milton?

The process for renewing motorcycle insurance is a lot like the process for renewing car insurance. It begins with the policyholder contacting their insurance broker or agent ahead of their policy expiration date to let them know that they wish to renew their coverage. From there, they can

What types of motorcycle insurance are available through a Milton insurance broker?

Licensed brokers in Milton can help customers find a wide variety of coverages. This includes basic coverage, such as third-party liability coverage and accident benefits coverage, and extends to optional coverage, like collision coverage, comprehensive coverage, loss of use coverage, accident forgiveness coverage, and roadside assistance coverage.

If you have any questions, contact one of our local branches.