Tenant Insurance in Windsor

You may not own your own place, but it’s a place you call home. Like any home, you store your most prized and cherished possessions in it.

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Tenant insurance protects the belongings your landlords insurance doesn’t, which happens to be close to all of your personal items inside the property. Your landlord's insurance only covers the physical rental property, whereas everything else is left unprotected. That’s where we come in!

When you are looking for tenant insurance in Windsor, you may face the challenge of deciding on what coverage works for you and what coverage is best for you. At BrokerLink, not only do we have amazing employees waiting eagerly by the phones for your questions, our one goal in mind is to make sure that the customer feels comfortable with their insurance and understands the ins and outs of different policies. So, if you live in Windsor, feel free to drop by or call into our Dougall Avenue branch!

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