Tenant Insurance in North Bay

The city of North Bay is situated on the east bank of Lake Nipissing about an hour from the Ontario-Quebec provincial border. There are many lovely lakes in the area with plenty of beaches. There are also plenty of parks and trails for walking, hiking and biking. Depending on your interests, you might enjoy a picnic with some bird watching or you might like to lounge by the lake and read.

People come to North Bay for many different reasons, some for work, some for retirement and some for furthering their knowledge at Canadore College of Applied Arts and Technology or Nipissing University. Whatever your reason for moving to the area, if you’re planning to rent a residence, make sure you also plan to get tenant insurance.

That’s where BrokerLink in North Bay comes in. We’ll work with you to create the best renter insurance policy for your individual needs, including all your valuables. Do you have electronics, laptops, cameras, antiques, clothing, sporting equipment, furniture, entertainment centre, camping gear and expensive jewellery? They can all be covered under your apartment insurance plan.

No matter what you have, the friendly insurance experts at BrokerLink can help you find the right amount of tenant insurance coverage. Plus, we’ll provide free competitive apartment insurance quotes and find you the best insurance rate possible. It’s all part of how we’re helping our neighbours in North Bay sleep easier at night. Give us a call.

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