Tenant & Renters Insurance in Thunder Bay, Ontario

So you’re moving to Thunder Bay and are on the hunt for a place to rent, or maybe you’ve lived here your whole life and it’s time to move. Whatever your reasons for needing a new place to live, the reasons to get renters insurance are simple. Renters insurance, also known as apartment and tenants insurance, protects you and your possessions against unforeseen circumstances that can result in damages or loss. Of course, tenants insurance applies to any space you choose to rent: a basement suite, a house, shared accommodation or an apartment.

Get competitive quotes within 5 minutes

Life is unpredictable. Make sure your insurance isn't.

Don’t rely on your landlord or roommate for insurance coverage for your belongings. Make sure you have your own and that you understand what it covers. BrokerLink in Thunder Bay is here to help you navigate your insurance needs and find the best possible rate for your tenant’s insurance policy. 

Insurance can be complicated, but call one of our insurance experts and we’ll take care of all the details for you. That’s why BrokerLink is here, so you don’t have to sort insurance on your own. Our insurance brokers will find you competitive tenants insurance quotes and help you decide how much coverage you require to properly cover your belongings.

If the contents of your new place include a lot of valuable items, such as camera equipment, specialized camping gear, and a fancy telescope, we’ll make sure all them are included in your policy as well. After all, that’s the point of insurance – to cover the things you value. It’s also a great idea to review your policy every now and then to be certain you are always properly covered. Any time you purchase something of great value, call us and we’ll add it on.

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