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Need Apartment Insurance in Fort McMurray, Alberta?

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Apartment Insurance in Fort McMurray, Alberta

Finding a place to rent can be a challenge anywhere in Alberta, but Fort McMurray, in particular, is known to have a shortage of available rental units. The population has doubled since 1996, and real estate costs for both purchasing and renting have risen accordingly. Builders have been struggling to keep up with the demand, and it can be tough to find many traditional rental properties. Thankfully, many residents have chosen to develop basement suites or rent out rooms within their homes. Although this is very convenient, it does not eliminate your need to have some sort of tenant insurance coverage for yourself.

That’s right; even if you live with a friend, relative or coworker, or you don’t have a full apartment or house to yourself, you still need apartment insurance for your things. Don’t worry if this sounds complicated. The friendly insurance experts at BrokerLink in Fort McMurray will walk you through the different levels of coverage available. Renter insurance protects your belongings and the special things you value. Regardless of the policy you select, it will give you peace of mind. 

Our insurance experts know the ins and outs of tenant rights and liabilities. You’ve probably got a very busy job in the oil sands with lots of people relying on you and insurance may not be top of mind. This is our area of expertise and we’ll help you figure it out. Give us a call today and receive your free competitive insurance quotes and make sure you’re getting the best tenant insurance possible.