Boat Insurance in Truro, Nova Scotia

Up here in Truro, east of the Bay of Fundy and right on the Schubenacadie River, just about everyone needs boat insurance. And with 100 billion tonnes of water creating one of the world’s largest tidal bores (10 feet) twice daily, you really want good boat insurance. Whether you’re riding your boat on the tidal bore flowing in from Cobequid bay on the Schubenacadie River, or floating serenely down the Salmon River, you’ll want to save on insurance from the experts at BrokerLink in Truro.

There’s really no secret to getting the best price for the best boat and marine insurance. After determining the right insurance for your needs (based on your boat, how much you use it and your insurance history) we customize a policy for you. Then we use our knowledge and experience to get free competitive quotes from leading marine insurers. It’s that simple – the best price for the right insurance.

And we don’t just do boat insurance. Count on us to insure pleasure craft of all kinds, cargo coverage, marinas, ship repairer’s liability commercial vessels, entire fleets, and fish shed and gear and fish plants and processors.

Call a BrokerLink broker in Truro for a free quote.


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