Boat Insurance in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia

Situated astride the East River that flows into Northumberland Strait and the Atlantic Ocean, New Glasgow is a popular boating centre. With a history of shipbuilding and shipping, New Glasgow has been a great place for BrokerLink to develop their expertise in boat insurance. Whether you operate a commercial fleet that ranges well beyond Pictou Landing, or a pleasure craft moored in Crabbie J’s Marina for exploring the rugged coastline of Nova Scotia, our BrokerLink boat insurance experts can protect your boat with the right insurance.

Boats are a big investment and can face a number of risks and hazards, so having good boat insurance is vital. And we know from serving New Glasgow that insurance needs can go well beyond just boats. In these parts marine insurance expertise needs to cover entire fleets, cargo, fish shed and gear and fish plants and processors, pleasure craft of all kinds, commercial vessels, marinas and ship repairer’s liability. And your BrokerLink brokers in New Glasgow can help get you the right boat insurance. It’s easy. After assessing your risk and determining what you need, we customize the insurance and comparison shop to get free competitive quotes.

For the best value for your money, call your local BrokerLink broker in New Glasgow for a free quote.