Boat Insurance in London, Ontario

The Thames River is one of London’s most significant features; it’s the reason the city was founded here. The north and south arms of the Thames River converge in the city centre, which is known as the Fork of the Thames or just simply “the Forks.

In 2000, the Thames River was declared a Canadian Heritage River to emphasize the heritage of its banks. Everyone in the city enjoys the benefits of the river, from the generous water supply that meets the city’s irrigation needs. It also provides fun recreational activities like rowing, canoeing and sport fishing.

Of course, the Thames isn’t the only water available to get out and enjoy near London. Located in the middle of the Great Lake region, the London area boasts many places where local residents can take their boats. They can drive up to Lake Huron, over to Lake Ontario, visit Lake St. Clair and drive down to Lake Erie. Owning a boat and taking it out to the cottage is an important part of Ontario culture. At BrokerLink in London, we understand that culture well because we live and boat in the area, too – it’s how we get together, have fun and even meet new friends. That’s why we want to help make sure you have the right boat insurance coverage so your boating experience is always great and worry-free.

No matter where you take your boat or what boating activity you’re off to enjoy, it’s important to have proper boat insurance. Our insurance experts are here to help you find that coverage at the best boat insurance rate possible. We’ll even find free competitive boat insurance quotes so you can compare your options and make sure you’re getting the best value for your money. It’s time to give your boat insurance brokers at BrokerLink a call.