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Need Boat Insurance in Fort McMurray, Alberta?

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Boat Insurance in Fort McMurray, Alberta

It’s a well-known fact that residents of Fort McMurray love their toys. They work hard and play hard. They truly enjoy life on their days off. In the winter, that might involve snowboarding, snowmobiles or taking a trip to Mexico; but in the summer, it means ATVs, dirt bikes, camping and boats. For many people maximizing a day off includes adrenaline rushes, big motors, speed and time out on the water.

Besides the rivers that cut through Fort McMurray, the closest body of water is Willow Lake in Gregoire Lake Provincial Park. It’s a great place to camp, have a picnic, sprawl out on the sand or launch your boat. There’s something about water that dissolves stress and leaves you feeling refreshed. Living that carefree lifestyle out on the water is made easier knowing you have the right boat insurance policy for your needs.