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Will my home insurance cover claims for my home-based business?

Home insurance does not cover claims which relate to the business. For this reason, it is important home-based business owners get insurance which meets their business needs....

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What insurance do I need for a small business?

The insurance you need for your small business depends on the nature of your business. Insurance needs for hairdressers are different than insurance needs for contractors, an...

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How do I get business insurance?

The best way to get business insurance is by calling a broker! We can help you spend less time worrying about insurance and more time focusing on your business.

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What is covered by business insurance?

There are various types of coverage available and it is best to speak to a broker to determine what makes the most sense for your business. Some of the most commonly purchase...

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Do I need business insurance?

Business insurance is not a legal requirement like car insurance. However, business insurance will give you peace of mind so you that you can focus on the growth and suc...

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Do you need business insurance to deliver pizza?

Yes! Don't make your first delivery until you've spoken to an insurance broker. Once you've got the right coverage, feel free to bring pizza to our office.

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Do I need business insurance to drive for Uber or Lyft?

Many personal insurance carriers allow you to drive with Uber or Lyft without requiring commercial auto insurance. You should check with your broker to see if your company al...

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Do you need special insurance for DoorDash or any other delivery service?

If the company you’re delivering for has their own policy in place to protect their drivers, you may not need additional insurance. An insurance broker can help you fig...

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What do I do if I have a claim?

For all new or existing claims, please reach out to your local branch for guidance. If you are an Intact Insurance customer, please visit Intact Client Centre or download the...

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Can I put my insurance on hold?

We are not able to temporarily suspend a policy. However, if you are driving less we may be able to modify your coverage to meet your current needs.

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Is my business insurance still eligible if I make any changes to the operations of my co...

Your insurance should be as unique as your business. If you alter your business or operations you may be altering your risk exposure. It is important to notify your broker of...

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Is my business covered by insurance if my we get sued?

Depending on the allegations, your policy can help defend you from legal action against the operations of your business. Notify your broker immediately if an incident occurs...