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Home Insurance

Business Insurance

Will my home insurance cover claims for my home-based business?

Home insurance does not cover claims which relate to the business. For this reason, it is important home-based business owners get insurance which meets their business needs....
Home Insurance

Is home insurance mandatory in Ontario?

Home insurance is not mandatory in Ontario. However, if you're taking out a mortgage, many banks require you to have home insurance.
Home Insurance

How much does home insurance cost on average?

Every home is different, so that's hard to answer. Many factors will affect how much you pay for home insurance: the square footage, location and when the house was built...
Home Insurance

What should I look for when buying home insurance?

One of the most important things to look for when buying home insurance is guaranteed replacement cost. This is an evaluation that takes into account how much it wo...
Car Insurance

How do you prepare for a home and auto insurance quote?

To find coverage that's right for your unique situation, our brokers will need to understand more about you. Here are some of the details to have handy. Information ne...

What do I do if I have a claim?

For all new or existing claims, please reach out to your local branch for guidance. If you are an Intact Insurance customer, please visit Intact Client Centre or download the...

Can I put my insurance on hold?

Insurance is a contractual obligation. We are not able to temporarily suspend a policy. However, we can discuss coverage alternatives to meet your current insurance needs.
Home Insurance

Am I covered if I operate my business out of my home?

Depending on the nature of your home-based business there are two coverage options available to you. A home business extension can be added to your current home insurance pol...
Home Insurance

Does my home insurance cover if someone slips on my front sidewalk?

Yes. Your homeowner’s policy covers you for incidents of liability in-and- around your property subject to the bylaws of your city. You can be proactive by properly rem...
Home Insurance

Does my home insurance cover if I go on vacation?

Yes, but there are some stipulations. It’s always best to have someone you trust check your home while you are away. During the heating season, we recommend having some...
Home Insurance

Does my home insurance cover if someone steals my luggage while I'm on vacation?

Yes. Your homeowner’s policy covers your possessions anywhere in the world for insurable losses.
Home Insurance

Does my home insurance cover if I renovate my home?

No, your policy does not automatically cover work being done to your home. You should speak to an insurance broker prior to beginning any home renovations to ensure your insu...

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