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Am I covered if? Frequently Asked Home Coverage Questions

Mar 9, 2015 1 minute read

With insurance, you’re either covered or you’re not. At BrokerLink, we understand that insurance sometimes can be complex and it might be difficult to know what types of coverage you need.

We asked Adam, Personal Lines Team Lead, to answer a few of the most commonly asked home coverage questions.

Q: Am I covered if…someone slips on my front sidewalk?

A: Yes. Your homeowner’s policy covers you for incidents of liability in-and- around your property subject to the bylaws of your city. You can be proactive by properly removing snow and ice on your property. Check out these helpful snow removal tips here.

Q: Am I covered if… I go on vacation?

A: Yes, but there are some stipulations. It’s always best to have someone you trust check your home while you are away. During the heating season, we recommend having someone visit your home every 24 hours. You should also make sure to turn off the water and drain the pipes if you’re leaving during the winter months or for an extended period of time. Here are some additional tips on protecting your home while you’re on holidays.

Q: Am I covered if… someone steals my luggage while I’m on vacation?

A: Yes. Your homeowner’s policy covers your possessions anywhere in the world for insurable losses. Through TravelWell® we can offer additional travel insurance protection, check it out while planning your next getaway.

Q: Am I covered if… I renovate my home?

A: Your policy does not automatically cover work being done to your home. You should speak to a BrokerLink broker prior to beginning any home renovations to ensure your insurance provider covers your renovations and to inquire if you require any special coverage.

Q: Am I covered if… I experience a flood?

A: No. Flooding is excluded under home insurance and property insurance policies. If you are worried about flooding at your property, speak with a BrokerLink broker to discuss your coverage options. When it comes to flooding it’s good to be proactive. Our tips can help prevent spring flooding and sewer back-up.

Surprised by the answers to these questions or unsure about your current coverage? We can help. Contact a knowledgeable, locally based BrokerLink broker today to discuss the level of coverage you need. We can even make sure you’re protected against liability for accidental damage to your neighbour’s property, including coverage for extra living expenses if your home ever needs to be restored.