Condo Insurance in Fort McMurray

You're moving up in the world - you just purchased a great condo in Fort McMurray! Congratulations! There is just one more thing left to do before you make yourself at home: secure an insurance plan that protects where you live and your belongings.

Owning a condo in Fort McMurray can be a smart move, especially if your condo fees include snow removal. Fort McMurray experiences all four seasons of the year to the fullest, and winters can end up being very long. Its average annual snowfall is a whopping 61 inches, and it falls over five to seven months. On average, it’s -19 C throughout the winter in Fort McMurray. Snow removal alone is a great reason to live in a condo. It’s hard enough when the temperature decides to drop to -50 C (which it did, though it was back in 1947), but if you live in a property that borders a public sidewalk, you have to get out there and shovel every time it snows.

Another great reason to own a condo instead of a house is the potential to save money. Condos in general are more affordable, giving you the opportunity to make a lower down payment while still having a smaller mortgage. Of course you’ll need condo insurance coverage, but it will cost you a whole lot less than insuring your own freestanding house.

The experts at BrokerLink are here to help you define your specific condo insurance needs based on where you live and the amount of coverage you require. Our Fort McMurray BrokerLink insurance experts will make things easy to understand, provide you with competitive insurance quotes and help you compare the different plans available. It’s about maximizing your money and getting the best value. Give us a call and we’ll make sure you’re getting the right coverage at the best rate possible.

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