Condo Insurance in Calgary

For many people, a condo is their first choice when looking for a starter home because of the price point; but it’s also a nice maintenance-free option for those with an active lifestyle. Many condo owners appreciate the convenience of walking to local attractions and the hustle and bustle downtown living offers.

When insuring a condo there are two parties responsible for insuring various aspects of a condo complex. They are the Condo Association or also sometimes known as Condo Corporation and the individual who owns the Condo unit. 

Condo Association or Condo Corporation

The Condo Corporation or the Condo Association is responsible for insuring the buildings, the common area, the boilers & machinery, miscellaneous equipment, furniture & fixtures located in the common areas, and adequate liability limit. This is covered under a Master Policy and the cost is paid by all the condo owners in the complex. This cost is included in the condo fees paid monthly by each individual condo owner.

The Condo Owner

The Condo Owner is responsible for insuring their personal belongings (furniture, appliances, electronic equipment, clothing, sports equipment etc.). The condo owner’s policy also includes coverage for additional living expense, loss assessment, improvement and betterments and liability coverage.

The Condo Owner’s Policy Insures:

  • Personal Belongings: insures your personal property both in and while temporarily away from your condo.
  • Liability: provides financial protection to you if due to your negligence you injure someone while they are on your property.
  • Additional Living Expense: covers additional expenses if you need to move out of your condo while repairs are being made as a result of a claim arising from an insured peril.
  • Upgrades to Condo Unit: losses to upgraded items in your condo unit are typically not covered by your Condo Corporation or Condo Association policy. This coverage will insure the upgrades made to your condo unit.

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