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Valentine’s Day Insurance

Feb 9, 2015 1 minute read

February 14 marks Valentine’s Day in nearly every country around the world. Considered a romantic day with many unique ways of showing your friends and family you care. In South Korea and Japan, Valentine’s Day is celebrated a bit differently than in North America.

According to tradition, women give men the gift of chocolate to celebrate Valentine’s Day. They then must wait an entire month to learn if their gesture and affection will be reciprocated on White Day, which occurs on March 14. That is when men will send chocolates and gifts to the woman they are fond of. It makes for an exciting day, as there’s potential to receive multiple boxes of chocolates or potentially receive nothing at all.

This is why a Japanese company offers Valentine’s Day insurance. The policyholder pays a premium to ensure they receive a package of chocolates on Valentine’s Day with a personalized message from a Rieko, a beautiful, not-so-secret admirer the company uses as Cupid for the day. The cost of the policy starts at 500 yen, which is equivalent to about $7 CAD.

By purchasing Valentine’s Day insurance men in South Korea and Japan can ensure their heart and stomach are full this Valentine’s Day. While BrokerLink doesn’t offer insurance to protect you from a broken heart, we can offer you protection about the things you care about the most.

If you or your loved ones receive any special gifts this Valentine’s Day, make sure to contact your BrokerLink broker and ensure you have the right coverage. Don’t forget to update your Home Inventory Checklist as well.