Tips for Halloween house party hosts

1 minute read Published on Oct 26, 2017 by BrokerLink Communications

Tips for Halloween house party hosts

Halloween is just around the corner and house parties are a common way to celebrate. In addition to getting food and décor, hosts are responsible for the safety of their guests. To avoid spooky surprises, here are insurance tips for Halloween house party hosts.

1. Keep décor from being a tripping hazard

When it comes to décor, it’s important to ensure extension cords, lighting and other objects are not preventing guests from safely moving in the home. This helps decrease the chance of trips and falls. If a guest is injured because of a trip or fall, the host could be sued for damages. Personal liability insurance is included with most property insurance policies (such as home insurance, tenant insurance, condo insurance and insurance for mobile homes) and could cover the cost of legal fees if this occurred. Hosts can contact a BrokerLink broker to confirm their amount of personal liability insurance. A BrokerLink broker can also determine if special events liability insurance may be beneficial. This type of insurance could provide higher liability limits (typically, most liability limits in a property insurance policy are $1 or $2-million) and broader coverage for the event.

2. Ensure guests don’t drink and drive 

If alcohol is being served at the house party, hosts could be liable for damages guests cause if they are allowed to drive home intoxicated. For friends or guests who have consumed alcohol, it’s important hosts ensure they have a safe ride home (i.e., calling a taxi or ride sharing or driving the guest home), or have the guest stay overnight. While dependent on the policy, hosts can also ask a BrokerLink broker about party alcohol liability insurance, which could be available, depending on the nature of the event.

3. Don’t serve alcohol to minors

It’s important hosts ensure guests are of legal drinking age before serving them any alcohol. Serving alcohol to a minor is illegal and hosts could be criminally charged. Additionally, if a minor consumes alcohol at the party and drives home, the host could be held liable for any resulting damages (such as a car accident). A host’s personal liability insurance may not provide coverage as this is a criminal offence. Hosts can learn more about the coverage and exclusions within their personal liability insurance by calling a BrokerLink broker.

The best way to answer questions about host liability and insurance coverage for house parties is to contact BrokerLink. Our brokers can explain personal liability insurance to hosts and suggest ways to enhance their current coverage. Have a fang-tastic, safe Halloween!