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What to check when test driving a used car

Get the most out of your used car test drive with these...

Nov 27, 2023 12 minute read

How many demerit points do you have?

Looking to find out how many demerit points you have on...

Nov 26, 2023 8 minute read

How much is a custom licence plate?

Personalize your ride with a custom license plate. Disc...

Nov 25, 2023 4 minute read

How does replacement car insurance work?

Replace your car smartly with BrokerLink's guidance. Le...

Nov 24, 2023 12 minute read

How to prepare your home for an electric car

Thinking of getting an electric car? Here are some prac...

Nov 23, 2023 13 minute read

Car insurance for international drivers in Canada

Are you an international driver looking to insure your...

Nov 22, 2023 13 minute read

Does a speed camera ticket affect insurance?

Wondering about the impact of speed camera tickets on i...

Nov 21, 2023 12 minute read

No-fault insurance

Let’s clear something up right off the bat: No-fa...

Nov 20, 2023 12 minute read

Hidden costs of owning an electric car

Uncover hidden costs of electric car ownership. Get inf...

Nov 19, 2023 12 minute read