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Loss of use coverage

Learn about the coverages available to you in case a lo...

May 23, 2023 13 minute read

How to register your car in Ontario

Wondering how to register your car in Ontario? Here is...

Apr 20, 2023 10 minute read

Does insurance cover off-roading?

Wondering if your auto insurance covers off-roading? Br...

Apr 18, 2023 16 minute read

How long do cars last in Canada?

Wondering how long your car will last in Canada? Check...

Apr 15, 2023 19 minute read

Most reliable car brands in Canada

Looking for a new car but don't know which brand to tru...

Apr 14, 2023 19 minute read

How do car leases work in Canada?

Unsure how car leases work in Canada? This BrokerLink g...

Apr 13, 2023 14 minute read

How can you best handle frustration when driving?

Do you know how to deal with frustration while driving?...

Apr 12, 2023 19 minute read

Dealing with insurance adjusters in Canada

Deciding to file an insurance claim? Take a look at Bro...

Apr 9, 2023 12 minute read