How are BrokerLink brokers trusted guides and advisors?

1 minute read Published on Sep 21, 2017 by BrokerLink Communications

trusted guides and advisors

At BrokerLink, we’re trusted guides and advisors when it comes to insurance. When a customer refers their friends or family to us, we know they’re confident in our abilities to provide the best insurance advice. What does being a trusted advisor and guide mean? Here’s an overview from some of our team members.

When the unexpected happens, we can help

“Life is unpredictable. Sometimes these “unpredictable” events, like a basement flood, cause customers stress and grief. Our goal is create a seamless process for the customer. This means working together with them and their insurance company to understand the situation and find solutions.” – Rose Wade, BrokerLink Insurance-Yarmouth branch

We find insurance to meet customer’s needs

“It’s important customers have insurance which reflects their life and needs. It’s our job to find this fit. This means working together with the customer and managing the process to match them with the best insurance coverage.” – Georgette Frotten, BrokerLink Insurance-Yarmouth branch

We simplify insurance

“We recognize insurance can be complicated – we’re here to help. We want to ensure customers are confident in their coverage and understand how their insurance works.” – Dustin Hickey, BrokerLink Insurance-Bedford branch

BrokerLink’s “thank you” for referrals

We want all customers to experience how we’re trusted guides and advisors. As an added perk to customers who provide referrals, we give them a $10 coffee card. It’s our way to say “thanks” for trusting us to take care of the insurance needs of their friends and family. Learn more about our referral program.