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Do speeding tickets affect insurance?

Learn how speeding tickets impact your insurance rates...

Dec 26, 2023 12 minute read

Dash cam benefits

Discover the advantages of using dash cams for added sa...

Dec 25, 2023 12 minute read

What does storage insurance cover on a vehicle?

Understand what storage insurance covers for your vehic...

Dec 23, 2023 7 minute read

First time car insurance

Find the right coverage for your first-time car insuran...

Dec 21, 2023 12 minute read

Car essentials

Discover the must-have car essentials to keep you safe,...

Dec 20, 2023 12 minute read

What to do if you are in a car accident?

Be prepared for the unexpected. Learn the essential ste...

Dec 19, 2023 12 minute read

Careless driving tickets

Find out the consequences of a careless driving ticket...

Dec 18, 2023 12 minute read

How to insure a car in Alberta

New to Alberta or starting out for the first time? This...

Dec 17, 2023 12 minute read

How to get cheaper car insurance

Save on car insurance premiums. Discover strategies to...

Dec 16, 2023 13 minute read