Your Vehicle is a Goldmine for Identity Thieves

1 minute read Published on Sep 1, 2015 by BrokerLink Communications

The law states that in order to operate a highway vehicle in Canada you must have a valid license, insurance, and registration. Your proof of insurance and registration are tied to your specific vehicle and it makes sense to keep these documents in your vehicle. However, doing so might put you at risk of identity theft or fraud. For instance, a savvy thief could pull your drivers license number from your registration to create a false ID for performing unlawful activities in your name. Following a few simple steps, you can minimize your risk of identity theft.

A Printed Insurance Card is Your Only Option

Despite a great prevalence of smart phones, digital proof of insurance is not acceptable do to the potential for fraud and provincial laws requiring a printed copy supplied by your insurance provider. Leaving your documents at home is not an option either as both Alberta auto regulations and Ontario auto regulations require that you have a current version of your pink insurance card with you while driving the vehicle. Failure to do so may result in fines upwards of $200 as stated in the Ontario and Alberta payment schedules. Rather than storing the documents in your vehicle, one option is to keep both documents in your wallet or purse. Keep in mind if there are multiple drivers of the vehicle, you need to make sure that everyone has a copy of the insurance card and registration with them prior to getting behind the wheel.

Don’t Let Your Garage Become a Portal for Identity Theft

Thieves may also target your vehicle to steal your garage door opener. Coupled with the address supplied on your registration, a thief could use your garage door opener to gain access to your home. You can minimize this risk by purchasing a key chain garage door opener, similar to ones available from Skylink, that eliminate the need for leaving a door opener in your vehicle.

Consider Insurance for Identity Theft

In addition to taking the preventative measures we suggested, you should consider identity theft insurance. A BrokerLink Broker can add identity theft insurance to your existing policy for your home, condo, or apartment. Contact us today to find out what which options are best for you.