Preparing your Summer Toys for Winter

1 minute read Published on Aug 19, 2013 by BrokerLink Communications

You might be making the most of the last few days of summer, but now is the time to start planning for winter storage. Whether you have a boat, or motorcycle, the following tips can help you get all your summer toys ready for winter and stored securely.

1. Clean both the inside and outside of your vehicles while temperatures are still pleasant. Apply wax to prevent any rusting while in storage. Consider buying a cover for your vehicle to provide extra protection.

2. For boats and RVs, make sure to remove all water from your boat’s engine or RV’s plumbing system and use anti-freeze to prevent freezing and cracking where appropriate. Consult your vehicle’s operation manual for details.

3. Disconnect and remove the battery from your motorized toys and store it in a dry and cool place. It’s a good idea to recharge it regularly over the winter to make sure it will still hold a charge.

4. Add a fuel stabilizer to your gas tank to avoid old fuel from damaging your motor.

5. Ensure all tires have the right pressure and check for small leaks.

6. Consider using mothballs to deter animals, such as mice and squirrels, from entering and damaging your motorized vehicles.

7. Don’t wait until next season if your vehicle needs any repairs or maintenance. By taking care of this now, you’ll be ready to get out and enjoy next season as soon as the weather allows.

8. If you can’t store your summer toys on your own property, consider local storage options. Get a sense of whether they store similar items and consider how they are stored (security, heated facilites, and monthly charges).

9. Consult your owner’s manual for additional information about how to store your vehicle or contact a professional.

10. Insurance – although your summer vehicles are not in use during the off-season, it’s important to have year-round coverage. While in storage anything can happen and coverage ensures you are protected in case of theft, fire or damage. To learn more about year-round coverage, be sure to read our blog post.

Call your BrokerLink broker today to discuss coverage for your summer vehicles. Let our brokers find you competitive quotes, so you can focus on enjoying the last days of summer.