Young drivers & insurance: Before hitting the road

2 minute read Published on Jul 16, 2013 by BrokerLink Communications

Whether it’s a college student returning home to drive the family car over the summer, or a teenager eager to learn to drive before school starts again in September, these are busy- and anxious- months for parents of young drivers.

Before your teen gets behind the wheel, call your local BrokerLink branch. Having the right auto insurance coverage can help put your mind at ease. We’ve got five things to consider when protecting your vehicle and your family:

  1. Building a Relationship: Adding another driver to your insurance policy will increase your premiums, but it’s a sure fire way to save money down the road. Every year your son or daughter remains collision-free helps to build an important history with an insurance company, which leads to savings when they eventually get their own policy. Without that history, they’ll be treated as a new driver once they apply for insurance, which results in a more expensive policy.
  2. Insurance Company: It may be more affordable to get your child’s car insurance from a different insurance provider. Ask your local BrokerLink branch to provide three quotes: the lowest price for just you, the lowest price for your child, and the lowest price for insuring you and your child together. Any quotes should be based on your teenager driving your least expensive vehicle. Keep in mind if you are insured together with your child, any accidents or tickets affect your insurance- not your child’s.
  3. Driver’s Education: It really pays off. Taking a government-approved driver’s education course gives young drivers substantial rate decreases. Graduates could save up to 15% off on car insurance, which is the same discount you’d get for having three years of safe-driving experience.
  4. Claims Protection: This means the insurance company agrees not to increase your premium as a result of any accident. Depending on the company, this may apply separately to each vehicle or to each driver. Costs can range from somewhere between $35 and $65, making it a worthwhile purchase. Don’t confuse this protection with accident forgiveness programs offered by some insurance companies. Accident forgiveness usually means your insurance company will continue to provide coverage after a collision, but your rate will still increase.
  5. Stay Sober: Car accidents are the leading cause of death for 15 to 25 years of age, and 55% of those crashes involve alcohol. Statistics show young drivers are more likely to be involved in fatal crashes on weekends, at night and during summer months. Make sure young drivers understand the dangers of drinking and driving, and always plan a safe way home if alcohol is involved.

The best way to teach your young driver the rules of the road is to set a good example. Talk to your local local BrokerLink branch to make sure your policy is up to date and your child has coverage before they take the wheel.