Speeding tickets and driver education – how it affects your insurance

1 minute read Published on May 30, 2016 by BrokerLink Communications

You get pulled over. Before the police officer can come to your window, the questions start brewing in your head. What exactly am I getting pulled over for? How much will the ticket cost? And –

How will this affect my insurance? We break it down for you.

Q. I got a speeding ticket. Will I have to pay more for insurance?

A. Insurance providers provide you with an insurance premium based on a number of things, including your driving record. Your driving record is a reflection of:

  • your driving history,
  • the presence of at-fault claims and
  • any convictions (i.e. speeding tickets).

As your driving record improves, your premium reduces. Therefore, convictions could impact your premium. Simply put, fewer convictions result in a lower premium. There are three types of convictions that affect your premium at different levels, including:

Minor convictions – could include most speeding violations and traffic signal violations including following too closely and stunting. Bear in mind that a minor conviction can become a major conviction depending on circumstances.

Major convictions – could include failure to remain at the scene of an accident and passing or speeding in a school/playground zone.

Criminal convictions – could include impaired driving, racing and careless driving.

Q. Do demerits directly affect my insurance?

A. No.

Your premium is dependent on what the conviction is, not on how many demerits you received with the ticket.

Q. How long does a ticket stay on my driving record?

A. For minor convictions, the older the convictions are, the lower the premium will be. Minor convictions more than 3 years old are not considered with many insurance providers. Receiving the conviction less than a year ago or less than two years ago could potentially impact your premium in different ways.

Major and criminal convictions stay on your driving record and continue to increase your premium in terms of a surcharge. There are options for endorsements available with certain insurance providers that could offset a premium increase. Talk to your BrokerLink broker for details.

Q. Will I have to pay more for insurance if I get a photo radar ticket?

A. No.

Photo radar tickets do not affect your driving record and therefore does not affect your premium.

Q. Does Driver Education reduce my insurance?

A. Generally, depending on the provider, if you are under the age of 20 and have successfully completed driver education you may experience premium reductions. For estimates on how much you may potentially save, contact your BrokerLink broker.

The next time you have a question about how your driving record may affect your insurance, look no further than this handy guide. If at any time you have questions about your car insurance, your BrokerLink broker is happy to help.