Savor the sweetness of Caterer’s Liability insurance

1 minute read Published on Jun 18, 2015 by BrokerLink Communications

Just like your favourite recipe, there are many ingredients that go into creating the right insurance coverage for your catering business. We outline some coverage options to consider so you can relish the fact that you and your business are properly protected.

Business General Liability Insurance

From braising those ribs to icing that cake, you have a lot to focus on. Let us take care of the insurance. Accidents happen, but every single incident or accident claim can seriously impact your business.

General Liability coverage protects you and your business against claims from property damage or injury to a third party. This includes claims made against your business in the event someone becomes ill from eating your food or hurts or burns themselves on a piece of equipment such as a hot plate or chafing dish.

Commercial Property Insurance

Your business faces many of the same risks your home does: fire, flood, vandalism and theft. It’s important to make sure you have business property insurance in the event you experience any damage or loss. Our commercial insurance brokers can help you find a policy that provides coverage for all these risks and more depending on your needs.

Commercial Vehicle Insurance

Did you know that typically any company owning at least five vehicles can be considered as a commercial fleet? Often, fleet insurance can be less expensive and more convenient than insuring each vehicle.

Home-based catering businesses

Do you run your catering business out of your home? Home-based businesses require commercial insurance coverage as well, since basic homeowners or tenant insurance will not cover you in the event of an incident. The same goes for business products being transported in your car. These items are not automatically covered by your personal insurance auto policy and require commercial insurance vehicle coverage. Learn more about home-based business protection.

While you search for the perfect recipe, let us find you the perfect protection.

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Finding the right insurance has never been so sweet.