Health Equity Plans for Small Business

Your company Group Benefits plan plays an important role in an employee’s perception of their overall job satisfaction and is viewed as essential to their physical, mental, and financial wellbeing. As a small business owner, all employees are key to your organization’s success and your Group Benefits should include the same essential coverage as those offered by larger companies to help attract and retain talent.

Here’s where we can help. BrokerLink has partnered with The Empire Life Insurance Company to provide comprehensive benefits for companies with 2 to 10 employees. BrokerLink Health Equity Plans for Small Business is a pooled product with 3 plan design options that include essential benefits to support the health and wellness needs of your employees - today and into the future.

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Plan Highlights

  • Life & dependent life insurance
  • Semi-private hospital room
  • Prescription drugs
  • Eye exams and vision care
  • Paramedical & counselling services
  • Medical supplies
  • Dental coverage
  • Travel emergency assistance
  • Mental health navigator
  • Terminates at age 85

Additional Advantages and Savings

  • Simple solutions. Providing essential and comprehensive benefits to attract and retain skilled workers.
  • Sustainable. Small business owners should have the same advantages that larger businesses enjoy such as competitive rates and benefit options.
  • Your insurance experts. Throughout Canada*, we are a network of trusted insurance brokers across the country. Convenient one-stop shopping for all your professional and personal insurance needs.

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