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Business Insurance Tips

Business insurance comes in many forms depending on what your business looks like. For instance, if you are a financial consultant your coverage will need to look a bit different than if you are running a daycare or own a retail store. No matter the nature of your business, getting insurance is a necessary step to protect your investment.

Our Business Insurance blog is a great tool for all business owners out there, no matter if you own a small coffee shop or you have a chain of automobile garages. Let us debunk some of the myths around business insurance and get you on your way to great personalized insurance coverage. Read our articles today and find out how to best prepare yourself and your business in the case of an emergency.

Debunking business insurance myths
In 2015, there were 1.17 million employer businesses in Canada – 97 per cent were small businesses (under 100 employees). Small business owners usually take on many roles, such as accountant to marketer and everything in between. BrokerLink commercial...
How does insurance help restaurant owners?
According to Restaurants Canada, the restaurant industry generates $80-billion in revenue each year, which is four per cent of the country’s economic activity. Restaurant owners are part of this billion-dollar industry. To help them continue to step up to...
Why do contractors need business insurance?
Owners of construction contracting businesses face a variety of risks, such as damage to their tools or being sued if they made an error in a project. These risks, such as lawsuits, are costly. Without insurance, contractors could face...