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Fort Saskatchewan is a city with a population of just over a modest 27,000. The vibe here is vibrant and multicultural, with its main employers being Shell Canada, Dow Chemical, and Sherritt International. Despite its name, Fort Saskatchewan is actually located in the province of Alberta, nestled some 25 kilometres northeast of Edmonton but named for its presence along the North Saskatchewan River. This city has an incredibly rich history, once being a prominent home and gathering place for multiple Indigenous nations - particularly the Nakota and Cree. Now, residents of Fort Saskatchewan look to BrokerLink to help them find insurance solutions for their cars, homes, businesses, and more.

BrokerLink insurance solutions for the Fort Saskatchewan community

Living in Fort Saskatchewan, putting down your roots, and breathing in the tremendously complex history of this location is an experience in itself. We want to protect your livelihood and all you do with the right insurance. Whether you've encountered a flooded basement, an injury lawsuit, or your car's been banged up in a hailstorm, we're here to support you. Read on for some information about three of our main product offerings:

Home insurance

A home is an investment, probably unlike any other investment you've owned before. When you first purchase a home, odds are you probably have made your purchase by borrowing money, known as a mortgage. You can do this from a lending company or financial institution. If this is the case, you will need to purchase home insurance. It's not provincially required in Alberta, but it's always highly recommended and sometimes asked of you by your bank. Home insurance protects your physical property against all kinds of perils, from fire to falling objects to flooding and more. BrokerLink's team of insurance brokers in Fort Saskatchewan is dedicated to offering independent insurance advice for your property, be it a condo, apartment, duplex, or detached residence.

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Car insurance

Fort Saskatchewan car insurance is required in Alberta, as is the case for much of the remainder of the country as well. Auto insurance offers necessary protection for Fort Saskatchewan motorists, as it insures them for any physical damages done to their vehicle, expenses for which you are liable (such as legal and medical) and gives peace of mind on the road. All Fort Saskatchewan drivers should be well aware of what the regulations are surrounding car insurance in the province, as Alberta mandates third-party liability insurance and accident benefits coverage. Anything after that is optional, although many coverages are highly recommended. Work with a broker to navigate the right amount for you.

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Business insurance

Businesses exist on all scales, from your small Mom and Pop shops to your massive, multi-branch commercial industries with dozens of locations throughout the country. Unbeknownst to many business owners, even the smallest of operations need insurance. In the Fort Saskatchewan area, there's a large focus on the oil industry, tourism, and agroforestry - and that's really just the tip of the iceberg. This is all to say that there's so many different businesses of all different types, all of which need customized insurance solutions. Accidents happen, to large and small businesses alike. It's better to be protected.


More insurance products

Brokers have double the insight on insurance as agents, which means they have expertise with a broad array of products. Our experts here at BrokerLink would be more than happy to help you find any of the following insurance products as well:

  • Associations
  • ATV and Snowmobile Insurance
  • Farm Insurance
  • Cyber Insurance
  • Storage Unit Insurance
  • Employee Benefits
  • Life Insurance Broker
  • Landlord Insurance
  • Musical Instrument Insurance
  • Wine Cellar Insurance
  • Equine Insurance
  • Group Insurance
  • Travel and Trip Cancellation Insurance
  • Trailer and RV Insurance
  • Motorcycle Insurance
  • Identify Theft Insurance
  • Boat Insurance
  • Condo Insurance
  • Vacation Property and Cottage Insurance
  • Tenant and Renters Insurance

What is so important about having insurance in Fort Saskatchewan?

To be entirely transparent, insurance is more often a recommendation than it is a requirement. It can, however, be necessary for certain circumstances. For one, Fort Saskatchewan car insurance is, in fact, required in the province of Alberta and it is illegal to drive a car without insurance, but other insurance products, like home insurance, are only required under certain circumstances. Even still, having all your insurance needs met is a bonafide way to preserve your assets, giving you financial security, and peace of mind. Insurance can get you back to normal, whatever your normal is.

Just as it's important to know how to get the right coverage, it's also important to know what is required of you. While not all insurance products are required, some are. If insurance coverage is required for your home, car, or business, ask a broker about regulations. We're happy to give you all the advice you need to get an affordable price on your insurance.

Is it mandatory to have insurance in Fort Saskatchewan?

Yes and no. As mentioned previously, in Fort Saskatchewan, car insurance is definitely mandatory. Other insurance products may or may not be, depending on special circumstances. Having insurance is often a recommendation as it can help to spare you and your family from financial devastation in the event of an unexpected loss. One advantage of working with BrokerLink's insurance brokers in Fort Saskatchewan is that we'll meet all your insurance needs and give you the information you need to know what regulations you may or may not need to comply with.

Is it required to buy car insurance in Fort Saskatchewan?

Yes. If you drive, you must have car insurance. Car or auto insurance is designed to protect you from liability claims if you end up being held responsible for an accident that causes damage to another person's vehicle, or even injuries to other individuals. Your insurance coverage may include the provincial mandatory coverage, in addition to enhancements to fully protect your vehicle. Each insurance company is different, but the regulations in Fort Saskatchewan remain the same. In a car accident, your policy may cover the driver(s), all passengers, and anyone else who ends up incidentally being involved.

BrokerLink's insurance brokers can advise you on optional insurance coverage and help you compare insurance providers to find the best opportunity for you. Give us a call or request a free quote to begin on your auto insurance policy.

Is it required to buy home insurance in Fort Saskatchewan?

No, but there is one condition where it might be required - just not necessarily because of where you live. When people purchase homes for the first time, they might do so with aid of a mortgage, or a loan. The institution that provided you with the loan may request that you purchase home insurance. This is to protect their asset in the event something unexpected should happen. Of course, since there are no regulations surrounding home insurance, every policy may look different, depending on the insurance provider, what the insured wants to be protected, and more.

Even if you are mortgage-free, having insurance is still highly recommended. BrokerLink can help you get the best price, simply just by having you work with us. We find our customers the best deal on their home insurance without sacrificing on their insurance needs.

Is it required to buy business insurance in Fort Saskatchewan?

This one is tricky because the answer can depend upon what industry you're in and the type of business you run. For one, if your company has automobiles, those cars are legally required to be insured under what's known as a commercial auto policy. But for small retail stores, e-commerce sites, pet stores, etc., insurance is mostly just a recommendation.

Some industries, such as the health industry, usually require some form of insurance. Typically, this comes as errors and omissions insurance. Some legal and financial professionals may also need this form of insurance. Other industries do not need this protection.

Still, we cannot recommend you purchase business insurance enough, even if you find yourself without any obligation to buy it. Many small businesses go under after being involved in a lawsuit over something as incidental as a slip-and-fall. Let us do the legwork on your behalf and help you find business insurance fitted to your company.

Why choose a Fort Saskatchewan broker from BrokerLink?

There are many reasons why customers choose to work with brokers from BrokerLink. Unlike agents, we represent you before any one insurance company, and we've got decades of experience at our backs in helping residents find the insurance they need.

Here are the top three reasons why you should work with a broker from BrokerLink:

Brokers have a wealth of knowledge of insurance

Brokers, like agents, but on a broader scale, know a lot about insurance - maybe even a little too much if we're being honest! This means that with all the information they have, they can lend to you to help you get the best prices on your insurance policies. In addition, brokers can give you the inside scoop on all the different discounts, endorsements, and benefits that might be applicable to your situation.

With market access and years of experience, they understand the evolving needs of policyholders and can help them get the insurance coverage they need.

Brokers represent your best interests

One great benefit of brokers in particular is that they're intended to represent you before any one insurance carrier, which means that when customers file claims, brokers negotiate on their behalf to ensure they get their settlement quickly and painlessly. They give you advice without pushing you to make a purchase and offer you multiple options so that you can determine which is best for you based on their suggestions.

Where agents only represent a single company and are more concerned with their needs than yours, brokers represent multiple companies and find what's best for you.

Brokers help you save on your insurance rates

Through the access insurance brokers in Fort Saskatchewan have, you'll be able to receive and compare quotes from multiple top carriers. Your broker can also advise you on the best discounts, protect you from dishonest conduct, and make recommendations that serve your interests before the interest of the provider. If you're dissatisfied with your current rates, you can enlist a broker to help turn your situation around.

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There are a lot of reasons why customers choose to do their insurance shopping with a BrokerLink insurance broker. Fort Saskatchewan residents can benefit from the competitive rates we can help them find, customized plans that we manufacture when we get to know them, and the expert advice we provide so everyone can feel good about what they're buying - and it's all accomplished in a seamless, pain-free process that you can complete at home or even by visiting a community branch.

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The Fort Saskatchewan community is so diverse and multicultural, and we're so happy to be part of it. Part of how we get you the best coverage is that we like to sit down and chat with you about you so that when it comes to finding you the coverage you most deserve, there's no question about what you do and do not need. You can connect with an insurance broker in Fort Saskatchewan in one of three ways: over the phone, by email, or even come to see us in person and having a coffee with us. Whatever means you choose, we're happy to discuss.