Trailer and RV Insurance

A trailer offers the adventure of travel combined with the comforts of home in tow.

Whether your trailer of choice is a vacation trailer, a fifth wheel, or a camper, your combined automotive and residential unit requires the protection to make every drive into unchartered territory possible

With trailer insurance, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your recreational trailer is protected during your adventures.


Do I need trailer insurance?

Trailer insurance is a necessary investment for those who like weekend trips, treks across the country or living on the road, with your recreational trailer in tow. Accidents can occur at any time along the way, so proper coverage is imperative.

As a trailer is a non-motorized vehicle that you tow, a trailer insurance policy is tailored to your use of the vehicle and addresses any gaps that your home or auto insurance may not cover.

About trailer and RV insurance

We represent several leading insurance companies to provide you with comprehensive trailer insurance to ensure adequate protection in the event of property damage or liability claims.

Qualifying trailer models include:

  • Travel
  • Camper
  • Tent
  • Fifth-wheel
  • Toy haulers
  • Park models, and more.

What does trailer insurance cover?

  • Coverage for trailer contents: from personal belongings to appliances, furniture, electronics, and other assets stored inside your trailer.
  • Food replacement: secure essentials like frozen food from damage and earn reimbursement for damaged supplies due to accidents and trailer damage.
  • Replacement costs: covers your trailer unit value based on your trailer’s age if a replacement trailer is required.
  • Additional living expenses: any additional living expenses incurred due to natural disasters, theft, or vandalism.
  • Temporary attachments: covers any attachments needed in case of an emergency, such as a towing hitch.

Accidents and Property Damage

  • Lock replacement: secure your trailer to prevent break-ins, theft, and vandalism with lock replacement coverage, and prevent further property losses.
  • Wildlife: repair trailer damage or replace parts as a result of accidents with animals.
  • Emergency roadside assistance: includes complete towing, battery boost, flat tire, and fuel delivery. Receive upgraded coverage for higher towing allowance, trip planning, emergency travel, and medical assistance.

Financial Protection

  • Personal and premises liability: avoid the fallout of injuries and property damage that can occur in your trailer. Get financial protection for personal and premises liability.

Ask Our Brokers About Trailer Insurance

At BrokerLink, we work with leading providers to offer generous discounts for trailer owners, ensuring a smooth and safe drive anytime — at a cost that you can afford.

  • Insurance bundles: manage all your insurance needs in one place and earn rewards. Discounts available for multi-policy plans, ensuring seamless and affordable access to home, auto, and trailer insurance.
  • Driving history: clean driving history and no traffic violations is rewarded with lower premiums.
  • Compare quotes: we represent several insurance companies — we shop their rates and negotiate the terms and rates that meet insurance needs.

Get a quote for Trailer and RV insurance with BrokerLink

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