Dance Instructor Insurance

As a dance instructor, you want to inspire your students to be the best dancers they can be. But what if something unexpected happens and one of your dancers is injured, or an incident affects your ability to teach? We’ve got you covered with dance instructor insurance.
Teach with peace of mind knowing you have the right insurance coverage in place. Apply for individual dance instructor insurance now! Chad Lowe is BrokerLink’s dance instructor insurance expert and you can reach him directly at:

Insurance coverage for your dance instructor business

At BrokerLink, we’ll help you find the right coverage for your dance instructor business. We’ll offer a plan that meets your unique needs, so you can spend your valuable time teaching. Our expert insurance advisors will recommend coverage for your specific needs, including:

  • Professional liability: if a third party sues you, professional liability coverage can help protect you against damages, including legal costs.
  • Commercial general liability: general liability can help protect you if there is a claim for personal or bodily injuries.
  • Property coverage: property coverage can cover things like music equipment or props you may use as a dance instructor.

Why do I need insurance as an individual dance instructor?

Individual or freelance dance teachers can benefit from a comprehensive insurance plan. Even if you don’t have a studio to call home, insurance can protect you from the unexpected. For example, if a dancer is injured and decides to take legal action against you, having the right insurance coverage can help protect you and your business from a financial impact.

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