What does SEF mean on an Alberta insurance policy?

2 minute read Published on Apr 10, 2019 by BrokerLink Communications

The term SEF is an initialism that equates to Standard Endorsement Form and is a way of applying additional coverages or exclusions to a standard insurance policy.

In Alberta, basic auto insurance covering accident benefits and third party liability are required by law. Collision and comprehensive insurance is considered additional coverage and is not required by law.

The Superintendent Of Insurance makes determinations on what amendments are allowed on existing insurance contracts that add, delete, exclude or otherwise alter the scope of the original policy.

Those amendments are applied to your insurance policy through an SEF and each of them has been designated by their own numerical code, sometimes further defined by adding an alphabetic component.


SEF 13d = Limited Glass Coverage

This SEF limits the coverage on a vehicle’s glass for a reduced premium. Typically, it excludes the front windshield for coverage from damage but may allow for such coverage if the damage to the windshield is caused by an accident or rollover.

SEF 13H = Deletion Hail Coverage

This SEF means you do not have coverage if your vehicle is damaged by hail.

SEF 19 = Limit of Amount

This endorsement limits the amount payable to an amount specified in the endorsement or the actual cash value, which ever is the lesser.

SEF 19A=Valued Automobile(s)

This SEF provides additional coverage to a valued auto, as specified in a predetermined and agreed upon amount. Typically used to cover collector vehicles, with the amount often verified by appraisal.

SEF 20 = Loss Of Use

This SEF provides for a replacement vehicle or use of taxi cabs and public transportation in the event your vehicle is damaged in an accident and is being repaired. The coverage is dependent on the loss being part of the coverage provided by your personal policy and is subject to the limits as specified in the policy.

SEF 27 = Legal Liability To Non-Owned Vehicles

This endorsement allows your personal auto/motorcycle insurance to provide coverage when renting a vehicle, subject to the limits and conditions of that personal policy.

SEF 35 = Towing And Emergency Services

This endorsement provides for a set amount of money to be provided for covering towing and other emergency services for a disabled vehicle.

SEF 39 = Accident Rating Waiver

This SEF protects your renewal premium from an increase as a result of an at-fault accident involving the vehicle to which the endorsement covers.

SEF 40 = Fire And Theft Deductible

This SEF applies a deductible to fire and theft losses where a deductible normally does not apply.

SEF 43R = Limited Waiver Of Depreciation

This endorsement will waive any depreciation on repair or replacement of a new vehicle should it be damaged in an accident, subject to certain restrictions within the endorsement.

SEF 44 = Family Protection

Protects you and any (dependent) family members, if you/they are involved in a collision with an uninsured, underinsured, or unidentified at fault vehicle. This is applicable if you or your family members are the operators of a vehicle, a passenger in a vehicle or a pedestrian.