Trick-or-Treating Reminders

2 minute read Published on Oct 28, 2014 by BrokerLink Communications

Trick-or-Treating Reminders

All Hallows’ Eve is upon on us and even though we may enjoy getting spooked by things that go bump in the night, we want to help you prevent a real scare by following our top ten trick-or-treating safety tips.

  1. Whether your child is sporting a cape or a ball gown, make sure that the costume is short enough to avoid tripping over or getting stepped on.
  2. Remember to dress for the weather. Unfortunately, some cities may contend with snow in October. Costumes that allow for layering are a good way to avoid one of the least fun tricks of all – getting sick immediately after collecting all those treats.
  3. Although there are some really great masks out there, it is important to ensure that they do not impede your child’s vision. Elaborate make-up could provide a safer alternative.
  4. With the sun setting early evening, remember to dress children in clothes that can be seen well at night. Glow sticks, wands or bracelets are a fun way to increase visibility. However, you can never go wrong with a classic lightsaber.
  5. Children should trick-or-treat in familiar neighbourhoods they fill comfortable in and are safe. Depending on the age of children, have an adult supervising the trek for candy is recommended.
  6. Children must exercise caution when crossing streets, being mindful to watch for traffic and wait until an adult says it is safe to proceed.
  7. Be sure to show respect to any animals in the area. Although it is a fun-filled night for most, pets can get stressed from all of the activity. Children should not approach stray animals.
  8. Young children should always go trick-or-treating with an adult. Consider a costume theme the whole family can participate in if you want to receive extra laughs, and most importantly, extra candy.
  9. Many children will like this tip the least – all candy should always be inspected by an adult to make sure anything suspicious is removed or if your child has a certain allergy to a type of candy (e.g candy containing nuts).
  10. For families looking for alternatives to going trick-or-treating, there are many great options. Check your area to see if any trusted organizations are putting on a haunted house or, if you are feeling brave enough, host your own. Throwing a Halloween party is fantastic way for family and friends to have a safe, but spooky time together.

Halloween and your insurance

Although one of the most common risks you may face on Halloween is running out of candy too early in the evening, there are a few serious risks to be mindful of on Halloween.

If you are handing out candy, please be sure that the path leading up to your house is clear and unobstructed. Turn on the outside lights and if there has been a dusting of snow recently, make sure your walkway has been cleared to prevent slipping. If someone is hurt while on your property, you can be held liable. For more information on liability coverage with regards to your property, please contact your BrokerLink broker.

With these helpful reminders, we hope to help ensure your Halloween is more treat than trick. Stay safe and have a happy Halloween!