Debunking common insurance myths – Posting on social media

1 minute read Published on Nov 21, 2014 by BrokerLink Communications

Does posting details about my accident on social media platforms impact my claim?


Whether you’re at fault or not, there’s probably a million thoughts running through your head, but sharing the news on the World Wide Web shouldn’t be one of them.

After obtaining all relevant details from the other party, any accident that exceeds $2,000 in Ontario and Alberta needs to be reported to the police and all accidents should be reported to your insurance company. You should never admit fault or agree to pay for repairs out of pocket, but posting details about the accident online may not be a good idea either. If there is a dispute in the claim, any statements you make after the accident including those posted on social channels can act as a written form of admitting fault or dismissing injury.

Make sure to only share details with your auto insurance provider and save the Facebook posting for pictures of brunch.