Spring maintenance tips for your summer toys

2 minute read Published on Apr 15, 2014 by BrokerLink Communications

Spring is almost over, the snow is finally melting and it’s just about that time of year to enjoy all of your favourite summer activities. Preparing your motorcycles, RVs and boats for usage now will allow you to use them as soon as the warmer weather begins. Check out our spring maintenance tips to get your toys ready for the season.


1. Locate your motorcycle helmet, gloves, footwear and clothing from storage. Even though the weather may be warm, make sure you still wear appropriate safety gear to protect yourself from any potential injury.

2. Check the tire pressure before you start riding – you can reference your owner’s manual for the recommended PSI levels. Also, inspect for any damage or cracks to the wheels or rims, which could disrupt your ride.

3. Before refilling your gas tank, take a look for any rust or condensation that may have built up over the winter months. The sooner you notice any potential issues, the sooner they can be fixed. After inspection fill your tank with fresh fuel.

4. Test all lights (tail, brake, instrument and headlights) and turn signals before taking your first ride of the summer in case any items need to be repaired or replaced.

5. When renewing your motorcycle registration, don’t forget to contact your BrokerLink broker to ensure you have the best motorcycle insurance for your needs. Also, ask about how you can now insure your motorcycle accessories.


1. Always do a walk-around of your RV to inspect for any damage that may have occurred while it was stored during the winter months. This is especially important if your RV was not stored in a covered or enclosed area, which can result in water damage from rain or snow.

2. Check for any flat tires and make sure the tire pressure is at the recommended PSI level. Tire pressure information can be found in the RV owner’s manual.

3. Be aware of any air, fuel, coolant, hydraulic and oil filters that may need to be replaced. While you are at it, check if any other repairs or maintenance need to be completed.

4. Clean the inside of the RV to ensure no perishable items were left from previous trips. A clean RV will help you make the most of your summer excursions.

5. Your RV is your ‘home away from home’ so it’s important to make sure it is protected and insured just like your house. That’s why contents coverage is necessary for anything that permanently stays in your RV, such as appliances or bedding. Contact your BrokerLink broker to find out more about RV insurance.


1. After taking your boat out of storage give it a good cleaning, wipe down the hull, deck, topsides and windows. A clean boat is a happy boat!

2. De-winterize your engine, check and change your oil and oil filters if needed. This is important to prevent corrosion, as well as excessive wear and tear on your boat’s engine.

3. Make sure that your boat is equipped with a life jacket for each passenger and include a first aid kit in case any accidents occur.

4. Test all on-board electronics, such as your compass, radio, GPS and depth finder, to ensure they are working properly.

5. When preparing for your first boat ride of the season, make sure you have your license and registration on-hand. Contact your BrokerLink broker to make sure your boat insurance is up-to-date. Place these important items in a waterproof pouch to protect them from water damage.

Don’t leave maintenance and insurance to the last minute. Insuring your summer toys will provide you with peace of mind in case anything goes wrong. Contact your BrokerLink broker for more information. Our brokers will find you competitive quotes, so you can focus on preparing your toys for the summer season.