BrokerLink introduces new product: Extraterrestrial Insurance Coverage

1 minute read Published on Apr 1, 2014 by BrokerLink Communications

After the sun sets tonight, step outside and take a look up at the sky. There’s a good chance you might see something strange and unusual moving among the stars. Last year, Canadians experienced the second-highest number of UFO sightings in history, with 1,180 reported glimpses according to an annual survey. That’s why BrokerLink is introducing a new insurance product available only from our team of insurance experts: Extraterrestrial (ET) Insurance Coverage.

ET Insurance provides compensation for any personal abduction by a being from another planet. The coverage is tiered to reflect the length of your absence. It also includes additional funds to cover costs associated with recovering from the effects of your time off-planet. To make your claims experience as efficient as possible, document your experience by snapping a photo with your new friends or grabbing a souvenir from your UFO.

Of course, aliens have been known to study more than just people. ET Insurance also includes coverage for your belongings. Studies have shown extraterrestrials are particularly interested in hybrid car technologies and frequently take our cars for a spin to study this technology further. Lesser known is their interest in video games; however, after last year’s release of Grand Theft Auto 5, reports of missing consoles and games are becoming more frequent. As aliens become more interested in Earth life and more comfortable helping themselves to our possessions, ET Insurance is quickly becoming an important way to make sure you’re protected.

We are also offering an optional extension for ET Insurance: Crop Protection. This affordable addition to your policy will cover any circular damage done to your fields. Unfortunately, these wide open spaces are prime landing spots for alien ships and can easily sustain damage. We know you’ve invested a lot of time and energy to the growth of your crops, so make sure they’re protected.

Please note the ET Insurance does not include any coverage for full-scale invasions by any non-Earthlings. This is because the scale of such an event would make it impossible to determine the effects to any singular individual, family or property.

BrokerLink is pleased to offer this new insurance product as part of our commitment to helping our customers stay protected. As part of that promise, we’d like to remind all of our customers to remain especially vigilant today, as aliens are known to be particularly active on April Fool’s Day.