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Diving into insurance for pools

Jul 12, 2016 2 minute read

As kids, we all dreamed of having a big swimming pool in our own backyard. On a hot summer day, you might just take the plunge and decide to install one.

However, most online advice for investing in a pool misses how important it is to fully research the insurance and safety needs you should consider.

Know the rules

According to the Insurance Information Institute, “All pools—from a simple kiddie pool to an aquatic extravaganza—can be dangerous and need to be properly insured and comply with local safety standards.”

If you are considering building or installing a pool in your backyard, first check with your city or municipality to understand the regulations surrounding pools in your area. During your research you should:

  • Look for what they define as a pool. The definition of a pool can be different depending on the pool’s size and depth.
  • Go through the appropriate application and approval process.
  • Consider additional safety standards, such as building a fence area around your pool.

Safety first

Always have safety top of mind when it comes to having or using a pool. This article by Canadian Red Cross provides some valuable information on keeping your pool safe and hazard free, such as:

  • Establishing pool rules
  • Maintaining adult supervision of children swimming
  • Having lifejackets or PFDs for all swimmers

Pool safety is not just about proper supervision and flotation devices though. Whether you purchase a home that has a pool or are planning on building one on your property, you need to inform your BrokerLink broker to customize a home insurance policy that provides adequate protection.

Insurance that works for you

Your BrokerLink broker will work with you to assess the potential risks associated with your pool and this will determine your home insurance premium.

Your BrokerLink broker will then likely discuss with you the safety requirements of the pool. Many providers will not provide you insurance without confirming that specific safety measures are in place. Basic liability coverage in the event of third party injury or fatality on your property would be included under your home insurance policy. However, it is important to ask whether this coverage extends to liability claims related to pools. Your BrokerLink broker may suggest adding an extension to cover pool related injuries or accidental drowning. They may also exclude coverage protection for injuries caused by diving boards and slides. Ask these questions when creating a policy that works for you.

Safety measures and the right policy can give you peace of mind when it comes to protecting your family and your home from pool related claims. Speak to your BrokerLink broker today to find the policy that’s right for you.