Kitchen fire safety

1 minute read Published on Aug 21, 2014 by BrokerLink Communications

Kitchen fire safety

According to Fire Prevention Canada, fires claim eight lives each week, with almost 75% of those deaths occurring as a result of residential fires. Fire safety should always be a priority, follow these tips to reduce the risk of a fire in and around your kitchen.

Did you know that kitchen fires igniting from cooking oil and grease are the most destructive and fast-spreading type of home fire? These fires occur when the cooking oil becomes too hot. When cooking with grease or oil in a frying pan, it’s important to have the pan lid or a cookie sheet in close proximity. If flames erupt, you can place the lid or cookie sheet over the pan to smother the fire. Never add water to oil or grease fires since the two don’t mix. Adding water will only disperse the grease and result in an even larger fire.

When removing items from your oven, make sure you wear oven mitts to avoid serious burns. It’s also important to keep your oven clean; regularly remove any grease and food splatters to prevent them igniting at high temperatures. You can even place a drip pan beneath your broiler rack to catch any fat drippings, which makes for an even easier clean up.

Microwaves are a convenient and easy way to cook or reheat items. When doing so be sure to never heat any items wrapped in tin foil or place any metal objects inside. Instead unwrap items and place them in a microwave safe container to reheat.

Last but not least, stay in the kitchen when cooking, especially when using grease or cooking at high temperatures. Kitchen fires can start and spread in just seconds.

In addition to following safe cooking practices while in the kitchen, you should always have smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors and a fire extinguisher in your home. There are four different types of fire extinguishers. These items are only useful if they work, so make sure to regularly check them in case you need to replace batteries or any other parts.

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