Sniffing out insurance coverage for werewolves

2 minute read Published on Oct 29, 2015 by BrokerLink Communications

Sniffing out insurance coverage for werewolves

When the Halloween moon rises, you should always expect the unexpected. However, one thing that should not catch you off guard is your insurance. Even creatures of the night need proper insurance coverage. That’s why this Halloween we are helping werewolves ensure they have insurance catered to their needs. We’re experts at finding unique insurance coverage that is right for you, even if you are a hairy werewolf.

Home Insurance

As a werewolf, we understand that you may not be able to control your savage urges. Combined with your superhuman strength, speed and agility your wolf-like instincts may cause you to be responsible for a number of unintentional damages.

Whether you break a window while leaping toward your prey, or destroy precious works of artwhile rampaging through a hallway, our friendly BrokerLink brokers can help ensure you have the right amount of home or tenants insurance to cover damages done to your home as well as your neighbours. While we can’t reduce the irritation your neighbours experience when you howl at the moon, at least we can find coverage for the destruction you might cause to their property and belongings.

We know your bark is worse that your bite. But should you get too nippy at a neighbour, your home insurance may cover Lycan liability. While we cannot reverse the effects your bites may cause, we can help you provide financial compensation to your victims should they take legal action.

It’s also common knowledge that canines can’t resist chasing cars. Should you happen to take a bite out of another person’s BMW, your home insurance will also cover the cost of repairs to the vehicle.

Auto insurance

We understand that you can’t control when your body decides to transform into your werewolf counterpart. Large paws and sharp claws don’t handle steering wheels well. In addition, werewolves can also get overly emotional and aggressive leading to road rage. These factors increase your risk of causing a collision, therefore we recommend increasing your liability coverage on your auto insurance policy.

If you have multiple vehicles, including RVs, boats and motorcycles, our umbrella insurancecoverage can extend your liability protection when you operate each vehicle, for a lower premium than individually increasing your liability for each vehicle. As frightening as you may appear in your werewolf state, not having adequate liability coverage is even more horrifying.

Travel insurance

Before you leap off on your next vacation, contact us to arrange travel insurance. You never know when you may come face-to-face with a silver bullet or a batch of wolfsbane and require extended medical attention. Make sure you’re prepared for the unexpected so you can relax and have peace of mind while travelling.

While you may only shapeshift into a werewolf during full moons, we understand you are still a human being most of the time. As a werewolf, your telepathy skills can only go so far. Allow our expert BrokerLink brokers to help you sniff out your best insurance options.

You never know what could be lurking in the shadows, so make sure you’re prepared for anything that’s unleashed this Halloween. Contact your local BrokerLink broker to make sure what you want is covered, with no surprises. After all, surprises are better left for trick or treaters. Happy Halloween!