Commitment to Enhance the Customer Experience

2 minute read Published on Mar 31, 2014 by BrokerLink Communications

At BrokerLink, we want every interaction with our customers to exceed expectations. We deliver personalized advice and service over the phone, online and in person through a network of community-based branches. Our goal is to offer the best customer service and coverage for the best price possible. As consumers have unique insurance needs, they want reassurance they have the right coverage in place with no gaps or surprises. When our customers are satisfied, they feel confident in continuing to work with BrokerLink and often refer us to their friends and family.

Helping our customers

Every day, our brokers help our customers find the best insurance for their needs, answer their questions and even ‘wow’ them by going beyond expectations. Here are a few ways we demonstrate that commitment:

“I recently had a customer come back to BrokerLink. He still wanted to work with an office that was close to his home and the convenience to have all of his policies in one place. I ended up writing his auto insurance with a $141 savings over what he was currently paying with another carrier. After writing up the auto insurance policy, our customer sent a follow up email stating: ‘I really appreciate the high level of service that I have received from your office [Century Point]. Both you and Ryan have exceeded my expectations. Thanks again for finding the additional $141 savings. As further policies come up for renewal I will have you quote on them. I would really like to bring all of our insurance to one place.’ As promised, once his other policies came up for renewal he brought over that business as well.” Ashley, Century Point branch

“I had an individual call us who lived in Guelph, but she had just purchased a car in Ottawa and was still at the dealership and needed insurance immediately. Although she wasn’t a BrokerLink customer, I quickly completed all the necessary paperwork, faxed it to her, had her sign it and faxed it back so she could drive away. I had to work fast so that she wasn’t stuck at the dealership. But we did it! And she was able to drive away in her new car as a very satisfied BrokerLink customer.” – Stephanie, Toronto branch.

Twice a month, we send out email surveys to customers after a recent interaction with us. We review all customer comments as this provides valuable insight on what is important. Thank you to our customers for completing the survey and sharing what you think we do great and areas for improvement.

Commitment to customer experience

Our customer experience program is very important to us and we don’t just listen to our customers but act on your feedback. For example, you mentioned weekdays are busy and standard business hours aren’t always convenient for you. We took this into consideration and now offer extended calling hours from 8 a.m to 8 p.m during the week and 9 a.m to 4 p.m on Saturdays. Taking it a step further, we also open many of our busy locations on Saturdays so you can meet with your broker face to face if you prefer. We’ve made these improvements based on your feedback.

To our customers, please continue sharing your experiences with us and any suggestions on how we can improve our service delivery. Building great customer relationships is at the core of our business and we want to continue delivering a “wow” experience.