COVID-19 and Travel Insurance

2 minute read Published on Oct 8, 2020 by BrokerLink Communications

COVID-19 and Travel Insurance

If you are considering travelling again, you might be concerned about gaining travel insurance that will be effective during COVID-19.

Are you considering traveling during the global COVID-19 pandemic? Then you probably have questions about reliable travel insurance.

In this article, we explore the different options for travel insurance and answers the most frequently asked questions about travel insurance during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Travel Insurance During COVID-19

Canadians may be confused about how and if their travel insurance is changing - and rightfully so. The federal government has recommended that everyone avoid travel outside of Canada while the pandemic is still at large.

But if you are considering traveling, then you may have some unanswered questions. Some insurers are offering specialized coverage for COVID-19. This includes getting your close family to your location if you end up hospitalized due to COVID-19 away from home.

According to Justin Thouin, the CEO and co-founder of, the special coverage does not seem to be necessary for traveling within Canada. Your normal travel insurance will cover you unless the government has issued a Level 3 or 4 warning for the area you're traveling to.

The special insurance for COVID-19 differs from your normal insurance in that it will cover you in these level 3 and 4 areas as well. If you do purchase this insurance, make sure to check what this insurance covers with your provider.

Here are some other frequently asked questions about health insurance and COVID-19.

What Should You Do if You Have an Upcoming Trip?

If you travel outside of Canada, contact your insurance provider to ask how COVID-19 impacts your travel health insurance. There will certain questions you should ask, including:

  • Will the insurance cover me if I become sick during my travels?
  • Can I cancel my trip and get coverage if I get sick before my trip?
  • Does the government advisory to avoid travel affect my cancellation coverage?

Travel Insurance for Those Outside of Canada

If you are currently sitting outside of Canada, your emergency coverage may include injuries and illnesses that unrelated to COVID-19. However, there may be changes due to the pandemic. The best approach is to contact your insurance provider to find out what you have coverage for and what you don't.

Can I Get Airline Refunds?

One of the most asked questions is if you book a flight, can you get a refund from the airlines due to circumstances caused by the pandemic? In fact, in Canada, all citizens are entitled to airlines refunds by law. Unfortunately, few airlines are heeding this law. Instead, they're saddling customers with vouchers for cancellation that they won't use.

The takeaway here is to avoid vouchers and if your flight is cancelled, ask for a refund.

Uncertainty About Insurance During the Pandemic

It's natural that there are many questions and uncertainties about travel insurance. We've never been in this situation before. It's not only the travel industry that's uncertain, there are also questions about car insurance or how working from home affects your insurance.

If you want to learn more, visit our travel insurance page for more information.