Car maintenance tips for your road trip

2 minute read Published on Jul 7, 2016 by BrokerLink Communications

Car maintenance tips for your road trip

Planning on going on a road trip? Before you head out on the open road, check your car to make sure that it is in good condition and running smooth. With this checklist, you will be free to roll down the windows and enjoy the open road.

  • If you have not already, replace your winter tires with your summer tires or all-season versions. Extended usage of your winter tires can increase wear and tear on the treads.
  • Check your tire pressure by referencing the owner’s manual to find the optimal PSI inflation. Heavy loads and high temperatures can add additional stress to your tires.
  • Check your spare tire air pressure and make sure that your jack, lug wrench and other tools are in proper place in case you experience a flat tire.
  • Thoroughly clean and wash your vehicle. Remove any buildup and do not forget to clean the undercarriage of your car.
  • Brakes are the most important safety feature on your car. Before you go, arrange for an inspection. A trained professional will check the brake fluid, lines, hoses, linings and pads as well as the parking brake.
  • Test your windshield wipers and if they leave streaks or it takes several times to clear, have them replaced.
  • Fill up your windshield-washer fluid as there will likely be plenty of bugs.
  • Check your oil and look to see if the level is low or the colour is dark. If this is the case, you may need an oil change and filter replacement.
  • Even if you have a GPS or smartphone, having a hard copy map may be useful in areas with limited reception. You could also print Google Maps directions beforehand. Remember to safely pull over before using any devices or reading a map.
  • Check your air conditioning to make sure it is working properly. Although having the windows down may be nice, it is not always practical when driving on the highway.
  • Borrow a friend to check that all of your lights, including your brake and signal lights are in working order.
  • Check that your owner’s manual, car registration and insurance documents are current and on hand. This is important in case an unexpected accident occurs. Keep a copy of BrokerLink’s Accident Checklist in your car just in case.

Summer road trips often include the use of seasonal toys such as a motorcycle, bicycle, boat or trailer. While travelling, make sure you have right insurance for these items too. Ask your BrokerLink broker if bundling discounts are available for your car and motorcycle, boat or trailer insurance.

Follow these quick tips and you will be able to hit the road in no time. We hope you have safe travels wherever your summer road trip may take you.