Fire safety for your bedroom and bathroom

2 minute read Published on Dec 17, 2014 by BrokerLink Communications

Fires can occur anywhere in the home, but it’s especially important to be mindful of potential fire hazards in your bedroom and bathroom. Here are a few items to look out for:


Candles smell great and add a nice ambiance to a room; however they’re also a major cause of home fires. It’s important to never leave candles unattended, when leaving the room be sure to extinguish them and check that the wick is no longer glowing. Make sure candle holders are heat resistant, sturdy and large enough to hold any drips or melted wax. In addition, keep matches and lighters out of reach of children.

Space heaters

Now that it’s winter you may be more inclined to use a heating appliance in your bedroom. If you’re using a space heater, make sure it’s placed a safe distance away from your bedding and any other combustible materials. There needs to be enough room between the space heater and other items for proper air circulation. Lastly, never hang wet or damp items on a space heater to dry, it could cause a shock hazard resulting in fire. It’s important to regularly check your heating appliances when they’re turned on for overheating or any potential fire hazards, visit CSA Group for more helpful tips.

Water and electricity

Water and electricity don’t mix, when using appliances in the bathroom such as a hair straightener, curling iron or blow dryer be sure to keep them away from any water. If the items are plugged in and make contact with water, sparks could form. Never reach for an item that has fallen into water as you could be electrocuted; water conducts electricity and can increase the risk of shock. As a precaution, you should always unplug electrical appliances in the bathroom after use, and never leave these items unattended while they’re ‘heating up’.

Extension Cords

Electrical outlets may not always be placed in close proximity of where you want to use your appliances. If you are planning to use an extension cord make sure it’s never placed inside a wall or under a rug or furniture, doing so could lead to a fire. The use of an extension cord is convenient, but it can also lead to additional stress on a circuit. This could occur if you see flickering lights every time you turn on an appliance, the added stress could blow a fuse. If you are experiencing any of these issues contact a trained and licensed electrical contractor to help.

There are many areas in the home that a fire can occur, in addition to the bedroom and bathroom, you should also be aware of fires that can occur in your living room or kitchen. It’s always a good idea to keep a home inventory checklist, because you never know when you may experience an insurance loss. You can find a helpful home inventory checklist. If you are unsure of your insurance coverage or want to discuss your insurance options be sure to contact your local BrokerLink broker for more information.