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Finding an insurance broker you can trust is no easy feat. But BrokerLink can help by providing Ontario customers with access to licenced, certified professionals who know the ins and outs of the insurance industry. From car insurance to home insurance, and everything in between, let a BrokerLink insurance advisor find coverage made for you.

Insurance options tailored to your needs

If you’ve never worked with an insurance broker before, you may be wondering how it works. The main benefits that working with a Toronto insurance broker offers are convenience, cost savings, and expertise. A BrokerLink insurance advisor does all the work for you while saving you money. Plus, they will put their expertise and resources to good use as they search for customized coverage on your behalf. Some of our top insurance specialties here at BrokerLink Ontario include:

Business insurance Ontario

If you run a business in Ontario - no matter what kind of business it is - you need quality commercial insurance. BrokerLink can help you find commercial property insurance, cyber liability insurance, crime insurance, small business liability in Ontario, and much more. When you contact us, you will be assigned a dedicated business insurance broker who will ask questions to better understand your coverage needs. From there, they will research the best policies out there to ensure your business is protected.


Home insurance Ontario

Home insurance is one of the most popular types of insurance in Ontario for a reason. It aims to protect one of the biggest purchases you make in your life: your home. BrokerLink can help you find home insurance policies, no matter your circumstances. Tenant insurance Ontario, condo insurance Ontario, and vacation property insurance are just a few options we can help with. We will provide recommendations on which types of coverage best suit your needs, like flood insurance, sewer backup insurance, home-based business insurance, etc. At the end of the day, we want you and your home to be protected from the widest range of risks possible.

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Car insurance Ontario

Finding auto insurance anywhere in Ontario, including Toronto car insurance, might seem difficult. Even though it’s mandatory, understanding how it works and what types of coverage are right for you can be difficult. That’s why BrokerLink is here. Our auto insurance specialists will take the time to answer any questions you have, such as ”how much is car insurance per month in Ontario?” and walk you through your policy options, explaining the differences between mandatory coverage like third party liability and accident benefits, and optional coverage like collision, comprehensive, and accident forgiveness.

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Coverage options for all your Ontario insurance needs

BrokerLink is proud to offer a wide array of coverage options beyond standard auto, home, and business insurance. For instance, we have helped residents far and wide find motorcycle insurance in Ontario, pet insurance, equine insurance, and more. In fact, we have everything from Ontario boat insurance experts to Ontario farm insurance experts on staff to help you find whatever type of coverage you desire. A list of some of our Ontario insurance services is below:

  • Boat Insurance
  • Condo Insurance
  • Vacation Property and Cottage Insurance
  • Tenant and Renters Insurance
  • Life Insurance Broker
  • Landlord Insurance
  • Musical Instrument Insurance
  • Wine Cellar Insurance
  • Umbrella Liability Insurance
  • Equine Insurance
  • Pet Insurance
  • Group Insurance
  • Associations
  • ATV and Snowmobile Insurance
  • Farm Insurance
  • Cyber Insurance
  • Storage Unit Insurance
  • Tractor Insurance
  • Employee Benefits
  • Travel and Trip Cancellation Insurance
  • Trailer and RV Insurance
  • Motorcycle Insurance
  • Identify Theft Insurance

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Ways to save money on Ontario insurance

No matter your budget, keeping costs down is always a priority. BrokerLink understands this, which is why our team of licenced brokers is always happy to provide tips that will help our customers save money on insurance in Ontario. Over the years, we have learned all types of ways that you can lower your premiums, whether you’re looking to buy car insurance, home insurance, or even business insurance. Check out the list below to learn more about how you can save big:

Get in touch with an Ontario insurance broker from BrokerLink

Contact an Ontario insurance broker from BrokerLink who can provide you with expert tips on ways that you can save.

Find out about bundling insurance

Consider speaking with an insurance broker to see if any insurance companies near you offer bundles. Bundling multiple insurance plans can result in a significant discount on each policy you buy.

Consider upping your policy deductible

Raising your deductible - no matter what kind of insurance you’re buying - is a surefire way to lower your premium. Speak to a broker about how much money you could save by increasing your deductible by $500 or $1,000.

Choose your payment schedule wisely

Some insurance companies let customers pay for their policies on a monthly basis or on a yearly one. Before making a decision, ask if there are any hidden fees that come with the monthly payment schedule, as sometimes insurers charge administrative fees for each payment you make.

Review coverage carefully instead of renewing automatically

One of the most effective methods of saving money on insurance is to review your coverage regularly, especially before it is set to renew. You never want to become complacent as this can result in paying for coverage you no longer need. If you don’t have the time to review your coverage each year, ask a broker for help. They can assess your policy and compare your coverage to your current needs to determine if it still works for you.

Swap your gas-powered car for a hybrid or electric one

Many insurance companies across Canada now offer car insurance discounts to people who drive hybrid or electric vehicles, as a way of motivating drivers to go green and reduce their carbon footprints.

Sign up for driving school

Enrol in a recognized driving program in your province and your insurance company may reward you with an auto insurance discount. Please note that there are driving schools for drivers of all ages, meaning you don’t have to be a young driver to sign up.

Install a security device in your vehicle

Mitigate the odds of your vehicle being stolen by installing a security or anti-theft device in it. Beyond the added safety this provides, an insurance company might be willing to give you a discounted car insurance rate.

Consider buying a security system for your home or workplace

If you buy a security system and install it in your home or workplace, your insurance company could give you a discount on your home insurance or commercial insurance policy.

Outfit your car with winter tires

Since winter tires are not mandatory in Ontario, many insurers will give you a discount if you voluntarily choose to install them on your car. Just make sure that you install them and remove them by the date specified by your insurance company.

Obey the rules of the road

One of the best ways to qualify for cheaper car insurance rates is to drive safely, obey the rules of the road, and maintain a clean driving record.

Download an application that tracks your driving habits

Safe drivers in Ontario may be able to take advantage of telematics discounts. To do so, you would need to install a telematics device or a mobile application onto your phone. Whichever you choose, your driving habits will be monitored, such as your hard braking or fast acceleration and your insurance rates will be lowered if you demonstrate safe driving skills.

Install a sewer backup prevention device in your household

Adding a sewer backup prevention device to your home can reduce the odds of water damage following a sewer backup. Even better, an insurance company might give you a discount on your homeowner’s insurance policy. Devices such as sump pumps can be purchased from local hardware stores, often saving you more than their overall cost.

Purchase a home with modern features

If you want to lower your home insurance premium, purchase a home with modern and efficient plumbing, heating, and electrical systems. Buying a home without a pool can also help reduce your rates, as pools are major liability issues. If you do purchase an older home but decide to do upgrades, advise your insurance company when you do so they can adjust your rate.

Buy a home close to emergency services

Homeowners who buy homes located near fire hydrants, fire stations, or other emergency services may enjoy a reduced rate on their property insurance policy.

Pay down your mortgage loan

Paying off your mortgage loan has many benefits, one of which is that you could qualify for a mortgage-free home insurance discount.

Make your office a safer place to work

Prioritize workplace safety by adopting a risk management strategy, which will reduce the odds of an incident. In turn, this will minimize the number of commercial insurance claims you file, which can help you keep rates low.

How to buy insurance from an Ontario insurance broker

Need help purchasing insurance from an insurance broker? Whether you’ve never worked with a broker before or simply need a refresher, we are happy to provide a step-by-step guide to buying insurance from a broker. Not only is working with a broker quick and easy, but it can also save you money. Check out the three-step process to purchasing insurance from a licenced BrokerLink insurance advisor:

1. Connect with a licenced Ontario insurance broker at BrokerLink

The first step is the easiest of all. Simply connect with a local insurance broker near you to kick things off. There are multiple ways of doing this. You can call your local BrokerLink office, reach out via our website or email, or visit one of our branches in person. BrokerLink has over 200+ branches across Canada, and we can help you find the one nearest you.

2. Let your insurance advisor shop around to find you quality coverage

Next, you and your dedicated BrokerLink insurance advisor will have an in-depth discussion about the kind of insurance you are looking for. Now is the time to explain your ideal coverage, as well as your budget. From there, you can relax, as it’s now up to your insurance advisor to do the heavy lifting and shop around for policies on your behalf.

3. Choose a policy and get protected

Once your insurance advisor has found some quality options, they will present them to you. You can ask questions, get a professional opinion, and make sure you understand all the inclusions and exclusions of each policy. From there, it’s up to you to make a decision. Your insurance broker will help you finalize whichever policy you decide to purchase. Then guess what? You walk away protected. It’s that simple.

We’re in your community

BrokerLink strives to be a part of every community we serve. To us, that means having a positive impact on the lives of our customers. You will find us engaging with and giving back to cities and towns across Ontario every chance we get. You can learn more about BrokerLink and our core values - generosity, integrity, excellence, and community - by getting in touch with us.

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At Ontario BrokerLink, we’re here to help you with any insurance needs you may have. Whether it’s insuring your home, car, business, recreational items, or pets, let us help you find the best coverage possible.

You can reach us by phone, email, or in person at any one of our locations throughout Ontario. No matter how you choose to get in touch, a BrokerLink insurance advisor will be happy to assist you. We also encourage you to take advantage of our free online quote tool that can provide you with a competitive quote in minutes.


Ontario insurance FAQs

Can I buy Ontario insurance from a broker online?

Yes, purchasing insurance from an insurance broker online is both easy and convenient. Many insurance companies now offer their services online. Such services include purchasing insurance, requesting and receiving a free quote, renewing your policy, cancelling your policy, and updating your policy.

How do I know what coverage is right for me?

To assess what insurance coverage is right for you, you will need to think carefully about factors like your budget, lifestyle, and your insurance needs. Ultimately, insurance coverage should be tailored to you and your unique tastes, so understanding how each kind of coverage protects you and whether you need it is important. An insurance professional can also help you evaluate your needs and suggest coverage based on them.

Should I renew my existing policy or find a new one?

This varies from policyholder to policyholder. Sometimes, your existing policy still has the coverage you want and need. However, other times, your insurance needs change and your existing policy may no longer serve you. For example, if you have a commercial insurance policy and your company has grown a lot in the past year, you might need to purchase additional coverage or raise your coverage limits to keep pace with the size of your business. Further, if you move homes, you might find that your insurance needs are different, especially if you moved to an area that has a higher crime rate or is more prone to certain weather-related disasters.

Another reason customers may want to find a new policy instead of renewing an existing one is if your rates have increased by a significant amount. Anytime your policy is up for renewal, we recommend doing some independent research to ensure you are still getting the best coverage at the best price. If you compare quotes and realize you can get more coverage for a better price elsewhere, it might be a sign that you should cancel your existing policy upon expiry and purchase a new one.

Do I need insurance in Ontario?

Car insurance is required for all drivers in Ontario. So if you drive a car, you are legally required to purchase an auto insurance policy that complies with provincial requirements. In Ontario, that means a car insurance plan that has $200,000 worth of third party liability coverage, accident benefits coverage, direct compensation - property damage coverage, and uninsured automobile coverage.

When it comes to home insurance and business insurance, requirements are not as black and white. Neither type of insurance is legally required in Ontario the way that car insurance is. However, certain situations may require it. For example, if you bought your home with a mortgage or rent your home, your mortgage lender or landlord can require you to purchase a home or tenants insurance policy.

How can I find cheap insurance in Ontario?

Finding cheap insurance in Ontario is easier than you might think if you know where to look. Make sure to ask your insurance provider about any discounts that you may be eligible for. There are all kinds of discounts out there, from winter tire and electric car discounts to monitored alarm home insurance discounts. You can also try the following tricks to save money on Ontario insurance: raising your deductible, bundling multiple policies together, updating your coverage annually, and choosing a yearly payment plan over a monthly one.

Why is liability coverage important?

Unlike other types of insurance coverage, liability coverage protects policyholders against legal issues, like lawsuits. Most other types of coverage protect against property damage but liability coverage can pay for the cost of defending yourself in a lawsuit, settlement fees, and much more. Lawsuits can be extremely expensive, which is why liability coverage is so important. Policyholders will find liability coverage in most types of insurance policies, including car insurance, home insurance, and commercial insurance.

In fact, business owners have several types of liability coverage options to choose from, such as employment liability coverage, commercial general liability coverage, professional liability coverage, product liability coverage, cyber liability coverage, and more. With this type of coverage, if a claim is brought against you, your insurer will help cover the cost of the legal fees, as well as any applicable medical expenses or property damage costs up to the policy limit.

Can I get a free insurance quote from an insurance broker in Ontario?

Yes, many insurance brokers offer free quotes to customers across the province. Free quotes can be obtained for car insurance, home insurance, commercial insurance, pet insurance, motorcycle insurance, condo insurance, and much more. Insurance quotes are typically free of charge and are obligation-free, meaning you are under no obligation to purchase a policy after receiving a quote. In addition, quotes can usually be obtained quickly and easily in a number of ways - online, over the phone, or in person at an insurance office.

If you have any questions, contact one of our local branches.