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Location is everything in Middleton. This lovely town got its name in 1854 due its location as the halfway point between Halifax and Yarmouth. It also has the good fortune to be near the centre of the Annapolis Valley, earning its nickname "The Heart of the Valley." And what a beating heart it is. Every Saturday, the Middleton Famers Market welcomes visitors from the area, and every summer people come from all over Nova Scotia to attend Heart of the Valley Days in Middleton. And for the right insurance at a great price, the location of our MCT brokers in Middleton is perfect, as well. They can help you rest easy with customized insurance policies to fit your needs. We do it by developing customized options, then provide free competitive quotes. For all your insurance needs, whether it’s car insurance, boat insurance, home insurance or business insurance, contact your MCT broker in Middleton.