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Did you know? Celebrities & Insurance

Jul 2, 2014 1 minute read

What do David Beckham, Keith Richards and Dolly Parton have in common? They all have various parts of their body covered by insurance. Over the past few years, many celebrities have taken out insurance policies to protect their most identifiable and marketable assets.

This isn’t just a recent phenomenon. One of the first celebrities to insure a body part was silent-film comedian Ben Turpin. Famous for his trademark crossed eyes, Turpin took out a policy in the 1920s to provide coverage in case his eyes ever became uncrossed.

Other unusual celebrity insurance policies? Pittsburgh Steelers’ player Troy Polamalu’s long, flowing hair is insured for $1 million, thanks to his endorsement deal with Head and Shoulders. Other athletes are more concerned about the hair on their faces – Australian cricket player Merv Hughes has a $370,000 policy on his famous moustache.

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