BEARDSURANCE: Insurance for dudes with beards

1 minute read Published on Apr 1, 2015 by BrokerLink Communications

BEARDSURANCE: Insurance for dudes with beards

Happy April Fools’ Day from BrokerLink

Some say a man’s best friend is his dog, but you know there’s nothing more loyal than a man’s beard. The same beard that kept you warm during the polar vortex and had your back at numerous dinners when your food didn’t quite make it to your mouth.

Even so, beards are too often lost to tragic barbershop mishaps, miscalculated morning trims and, sadly, the occasional disgruntled partner. The result? An unlucky gent is stripped of his modern lumberjack status and forced to live with a baby face for weeks on end.

At BrokerLink, we want to make sure what you want covered, is covered. Even beards. So for a limited time, BrokerLink is providing BEARDSURANCE coverage for – you guessed it – beards.

How does BEARDSURANCE work? In the event you suffer a tragic loss of your beard, you can cover your face with a replacement beard while your furry friend grows back. To help you cope during this difficult time, we’ll provide you with a replacement beard to put you at ease.

To get BEARDSURANCE, follow these five simple steps:

  1. Contact a friendly BEARDSURANCE expert for coverage.
  2. Download the replacement beard PDF.
  3. Print the replacement beard.
  4. Secure the replacement beard to your face.
  5. Bask in the beauty of your replacement beard.

It’s just that easy. And best of all, the replacement beard is so lifelike that no one will be able to tell the difference. You may even receive a compliment or two.

Protect your hairiest asset. Get BEARDSURANCE today and be sure to download the replacement beard.

Live long and grow, bearded brothers.

BrokerLink, your BEARDSURANCE experts