Canadian Information Processing Society

BrokerLink is proud to partner with the Canadian Information Processing Society (CIPS). We offer members a variety of insurance solutions. See below to see a few of the coverages available to members of CIPS:

  • Liability insurance
  • Home and office protection

As an added bonus, BrokerLink offers CIPS members discounted rates on home and auto insurance!

Prospective Insureds

Include any company which provides one/more of the following products or services

  • Information Technology related services to others
  • Design, manufacture, development, sale and distribution of computer software and/or hardware products
  • Internet related services to others. This includes internet provider services, design construction and maintenance of an Internet site, development and/or installation of encryption software, electronic mail services and/or development and/or maintenance of chat rooms or bulletin boards, or other related activities.

Because mistakes happen, Professional Liability Insurance should constitute an integral piece of your insurance protection program. It protects you in many situations where a client or another party simply isn’t prepared to overlook a mistake which may have resulted in their financial loss.

Commercial General Liability (CGL) is also optionally available to cover against losses for Bodily Injury or Property Damage, which you may also be held responsible for. Your Legal Defense expenses are included in this low group price.

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