Selfie Insurance at BrokerLink

1 minute read Published on Apr 1, 2018 by BrokerLink Communications

Selfie Insurance at BrokerLink

Sorry, selfie takers! Selfie insurance was an April Fool’s Day joke. We hope you enjoyed it!

A selfie is a picture someone takes of themselves (or, of themselves with a group) usually on their phone, which is often shared on social media. The tell-tale sign of a selfie is when you see someone holding up their phone with the screen pointed towards them. You’ve likely snapped a selfie or two of yourself.

At BrokerLink, we’re here to help you find insurance coverage which helps handle unexpected events, which could damage what’s important to you. This includes your selfies. For this reason, we’re doing a trial run of a new coverage, Selfie Insurance.

Here’s an overview of how Selfie Insurance can help when your selfie goes sideways.

What does Selfie Insurance cover?

Selfie stick mishaps

A selfie stick is a pole which attaches to a smart phone and extends down to the person’s hand. It’s a device which helps the selfie taker get a wide shot. However, if you accidentally hit someone with a selfie stick while posing for your photo, the person could sue. Selfie insurance provides third-party liability coverage in case this happened.

Photobomb fails

Picture this – you’ve posed for your selfie. But then, someone unexpectedly pops into the frame. This is called a “photobomb.” A photobomb can ruin your selfie situation – under the coverage, this is called, “selfie selfishness.” If this occurred, Selfie Insurance would help pay for expenses to remove the person from the photo via Photoshop. Also, “selfie selfishness” extends to wildlife. For example, if a pigeon decided to swoop into your selfie, the coverage would apply.

Mysterious disappearance

This applies specifically to selfie sticks. If you can’t account for why your selfie stick went missing, it’s called a “mysterious disappearance.” In this case, Selfie Insurance would provide coverage to replace the  selfie stick.

Physical damage

Things can happen when you’re taking a selfie. For example, you could drop your phone or selfie stick. If your selfie stick or phone were damaged while you were taking a selfie, Selfie Insurance would replace the damaged item. The coverage would also apply if both were damaged while you were taking a selfie.

Save your selfies

Everyone’s selfie scenarios are unique. Selfie Insurance ensures your selfie needs are met and when the unexpected happens – like a pigeon photobomb – you have coverage which can help. We encourage you to consider Selfie Insurance, especially on April Fool’s Day, where unexpected events happen all day. Happy selfie taking!